The bulbs that came with my grow light


My 600W grow light came with a Blue Metal Halide Bulb that puts out 54,000 Lumens and a Super HPS that puts out 90,000 Lumens. The Metal Halide appears to be stronger in the Blue and Red spectrum so I was wondering if I should use it during vegetation then switch to the HPS during flowering or just stay with the HPS for the extra 36,000 Lumens the entire time?


swapping them out is done by some people… but generally speaking the HPS has enough of every spectrum to be effective throughout the entire grow…

short version
you can if you want to, but there is not really a need to.

except maybe to extend the useable time of your bulbs


Are the extra Lumens from the HPS any more beneficial?


The mh blue spectrum is for veg and is actually healthier for your plants while in veg and if its a 600 watt it can usually cover a 5’ x 5’ area… Use the Hps for flower…



… flower with the sodium bulb, you’ll get a noticeably increased yield
-best of luck


U can run the whole grow using the hps , but u will have much better results using the mh for veg and the hps for flower… U want to start off with strong healthy plants and that’s what the spectrum of the mh is for , the extra lumens from the hps and more of a red spectrum will help in flower…



Thanks all. I’ve just recently started trying to learn this stuff so I’m sure I will be looking for a lot of HIGH quality brains to pick.:grinning:


High quality…oh,…well you didn’t request qualifications when you asked the question, lol


I was highly qualified about 45 years ago but the times they have a changed Man.



First up I would like to " Wecome you to ILGM.S You can see there is no shortage of help around here and you won’t find any better fokes anywhere in any other forum then right here. And that’s putting it mildly

Any way thought you mite use this as a guide

For 600 watt HPS, a square meter, slightly bigger than a 3 foot by 3 foot space and with a 8 foot tall height might be about the smallest area you’d might ever use that big of a light. But I do know lots of people that do use 600 watt HPS in 3x3 tents. It will get warm, you will want to be sure your tent/closet can be vented well if necessary.

If ya need any thing just let me know and I’ll be glade to help you.



I seem to be having some issues with my young plants. Can I send you a couple pics and what I’ve been trying too resolve the issue then get your input?




You sure can wil be waiting your pic’s



Got a couple suggestions from Stacy. Checked temps at plant level and were 90. Backed off grow light and are now 76-78. Also reducing my watering. Things looking better.

Thanks Again