The buds are huge but there's little aroma to match?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m really confused about my BGA order. I read the article on your site and it indicated the BGA should be harvested in Oct??? I started these outside in mid May and harvested today. The buds are huge but there’s little aroma to match? The climate here has been hot and humid - would this affect aroma? By the way, these buds are loaded with trichs - just puzzled on lack of aroma? Any thoughts on why it lacks aroma? Should I have waited to harvest until Oct?


You really have to go by the trics when harvesting. That’s the only way to know the precise time for harvest.
Now if it’s a day or two after you cut them that you’ve discovered they smell like hay then don’t sweat it , the smell will return after a proper cure.
Oh I see you harvested today, I’m stumped.
Was there any scent before you chopped?


The smell really comes back after curing for a month or better

Do you have any photos?

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Sorry for confusion on comments. The “more detail” article on ILGM website for the bubble gum auto, BGA, indicated the BGA should be harvested in Oct??? I thought the point of growing autos was quick flowering period. This plant was beefy and loaded with trichs. I didn’t know if these autos produced chronic bud and wondered if lack of aroma indicates weaker bud? Also, when I said the buds were huge, I meant huge for an AF.