The Budget Grow

I haven’t grown in over 20 years. I decided to start this autoflowering grow to avoid high dispensary prices and to alleviate some pain from damage done to my body in earlier years.

I’m starting with Jack Herer Autoflowering seed germinating in water. Never done autoflowering before, 5 gallon buckets have a 1/4” hole drilled in side of bottom for drainage. I also put a couple of inches of pea gravel in the bottom and covered it with landscape fabric, again to aid in drainage.

For soil, I’m using black topsoil amended with 10 lbs of sand per 100 lbs of soil. I’ve also added 40 lbs of composted manure to the mix.

My seeds went in a dish of water in a cabinet this morning. Plan on moving them to a wet paper towel in a ziploc bag tomorrow sometime.

Am I missing anything?!


Your germination process is solid and no joke, has worked 100% of the time for me. I’ve never had a dud yet doing this process believe it or not. I’m more of a out of the bag soil guy so I can’t really speak on your soil plans. Everything else sounds good though!

PS - Autos like to be put into their final medium when sprouting. They don’t take well to the shock of a transfer. (from what I’ve read/been told) Never tried it myself. Always just put them in their final pot.

PPS - Have you considered adding perlite to your soil?

Thanks for your reply! I’m just an old country boy with old school ways! I did not add perlite I think it’s just a filler and with the bark sand etc in the bag soil would be enough. The composted manure should give it the nutes it needs for a solid start. The plants once sprouted will go right into the 5 gallon buckets where they’ll live their life in happiness!:sunglasses:

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