The bubbles in a dwc


So how should my air be pumping? Just blasting?

Also is the point of the bubbles to over o2 it? If yes I have idea to really make it really bubbly it a product that is for reef tanks. And who are the resident dwc people cause I got questions?



Your looking to make nano bubbles they stay in the water longer where your roots need them so they don’t drown. I use a Red Frog bubbler it looks like a soaker hose but has smaller hole or just an air stone will work too. The other reason I like the bubbler I use it covers the whole bottom of the bucket so you get even o2 all the way around the bucket. :cactus:


Awesome. The thing I can make dose nano.
I’ll post findings


please do I like to see :eyeglasses:


a lot of very fine bubbles is what you want . To large or aggressive bubbles will tear young and tender roots from clones tho . like champagne if you can achieve it .
Hammer .


Thanks @Hammer this is what is was after. The bubbles are fine and can be controlled. I’ll make one tomorrow and post pics of just bubbles so you can tell me if the bubbles will work