The Boveda Challenge

I signed up to take part in this challenge and just got the items delivered. I had completely forgotten I had signed up for it, so it was a fun surprise to receive.

I’ll be harvesting in about a month. I’ll keep this thread updated, once the challenge begins.

It came with:

2 C Vaults
1 Boveda 62%
2 Grinders
1 lighter
1 pack Futurola papers
1 pack King Palm Rollies



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Hi :wave:
I’m watching too

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Mmm don’t use that on your flowers

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I’ve been pretty disappointed with boveda, but who doesn’t like free stuff.


Free stuff is awesome! Nice swag bag betty

I have been using them, already. Kept a Green Crack beautiful for 7 months.

Anyway, this thread is to specifically record the results of the challenge, not to debate the merits of the product. Stay tuned for harvest time!


Sorry Betty keep killing it!

I just started using them last grow. Was going to be away from home for months, without the ability to care for my weed jars. Decided to try them out for long term storage.


I really signed up to get the CVaults, but don’t tell Boveda.


IMHO, if you put a fresh boveda pack in a fully cured jar of bud, it’ll keep it perfectly.

Just don’t re use them, or use them during cure.

I signed up too. We’ll see what happens.


Did you put in after drying and burping? Is it suppose to help with flavor and aroma?

Well, that should go without saying:

I am not too keen on following their instructions, but for free stuff, I’ll experiment on a ¼.


I put it in after 3 months of already being jarred. It helps keep moisture steady.

This challenge says use fresh buds? I’m going to message them to clarify whether they mean freshly dried buds or freshly cured buds, not freshly harvested buds.


I read the instructions you posted and it made me scratch my head. Do you have to report back to them?

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Grabbed these from a local store

I’ve been using for about 2 weeks


I put the bovedas in on the day I jar the buds for cure (after few days of hang drying and dry trimming), the humidity on the first 1-2 days is about 70-75%, after 3 days it settles with the 62% and stays this. I still let the air exchange once a day the first few days.

Works very well this way (I never have weed that lasts 3 months :sweat_smile:)


I know how to use Bovedas. However, the instructions for the challenge don’t seem to be written clearly to reflect proper use of the Boveda pack. :grinning:

I emailed the company for clarification. The instructions on the card say to use freshly harvested weed. Not sure why they wrote that when they meant, “fully cured weed”.

My email to them:
Good morning! I just received my kit and I love it. I am a month from harvest.

One question:
I just started using Bovedas over the summer, and only put them in jars that were fully cured.

For the specific instructions to this challenge, it says use “fresh cannabis flower”. What does “fresh” mean in regards to this challenge? Freshly dried & ready to jar? Freshly cured? Freshly harvested? I am assuming it’s one of the former, but just wanted to clarify.

Thank you!

Their reply:
We would recommend freshly dried and cured, if Boveda is used before the plant is fully dried it may not work correctly. Thanks!!

Again, this thread is specifically for The Boveda Challenge, which I have signed-up for.


Out of likes @blackthumbbetty :+1:t2::+1:t2:
Thanks for the thread. I learned something :grimacing:
I just ordered some the other day, and wasn’t sure when to use them.

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Just got email from Boveda about this. I also forgot I signed up for this sometime last year. Looking forward to the freebies.