The Blueberry Strikes Back


Man you do that we’ll get together tailgate and have a good time. And your dad is a smart man! :joy:


Haha. If the colts lose I’ll be all chiefs. I hate the patriots.


I’m on for the ride. Thanks for the tag…


Looking good. I have some blueberry autos going too. Similar setup. Good luck.


Thanks. They’ll be moved to the big room as soon as my other stuff is done being trimmed and dried.


About 6-8” overnight with snow into the game. Go Chiefs!



Looks like my place :cold_face:


Update. 1764 grams of wet buds. 2 plants to go


Pictures or it didn’t happen lol.


15.75 at 25% pretty nifty brother and 2 to go yet…




This batch is more potent too. 4 hits and I was smoked!


Final total of wet bud= 2164 grams! I think it was a pretty successful grow considering it was all from clones. It was about 40 grams more than my first harvest.



Nice I bet that room has an aroma. :nose:t3:


Smells like success!


Happy harvesting @Familyman


Very Cool. A little confused by trimming (hoping to get there), and I know this is going to sound really stupid, but, what are you doing with all the leaves?


Generally speaking, most folks dispose of the large fan leaves (and many begin removing these manually in the final few weeks of flowering). From there, the smaller leaves and those leaves originating within the flowers, are typically trimmed off and saved (dried and cured then stored in freezer is my method). These are more or less referred to as sugar leaves or sugar trim. Reason being, most of the leaves have some degree of trichome covering them. These sugar leaves are then used to make other items (tea, hash, oil, etc). One of the highlights of growing for me, is having that trim to play with. There are many instructional vids on here and on YT or the net but it’s a tedious, time consuming aspect of growing that some like, some hate. I fall in the middle whereas I look forward to it, but tire quickly and do a crappy job. Others buy auto trimmers. Hope this helps and @Familyman will surely share his habits.