The Blueberry Strikes Back


I’m in the middle of setting up a flower tent with a qb as well.


I’m gonna listen to it while I trim in the garage.


He’ll yeah. Your gonna love that light. I have 5.


Then I’d say we’re neighbors. I’d rather listen to radio than tv although romo is pretty good.


I can’t stand joe buck, Chris collinsworth, or terry bradshaw. Lol. What state are you in.


:joy: I hate joe buck Bumgardner biootch!! I’m on the stadium side. :tiger:


Omg. He blew that man during the Series. You in the Lou?


I think we’re same state but cross state?


I70 west from the Lou


I got it. Tiger country. I’m the other way in IL


I imagine your all Chiefs this weekend. I’m actually a Colts guy.


I’ll say it should be exciting. We’re you a rams guy? Or no?


Hell no. Even though they won the super bowl twice I still thought they were trash and the stadium was a joke.


I’ve always loved Indy for some reason. Probably because I like Peyton Manning.


Yea that road trip was always felt like a shower couple times when you get home. :joy:


Manning was a bad mama JAMA for a while. I’m hoping this kid we have can be 1/2 as good I’ll be happy.


You ever been to arrowhead??


About 200 times or so. It’s going to be LOUD. … I was there for the year Harbaugh beat us in 96


It’s supposed to snow Friday night into Saturday mid morning. 2-4 expected by stadiums.


Awesome. Now that’s football. My dad is a huge chiefs fan. My goal is to take him to a game in his lifetime.