The Blueberry Strikes Back


Well, I guess she has quite a bit of stretching to do. I appreciate the pointers.


I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I envy you outdoor growers.


Oh I envy outdoor growers too. Last summer was my only try and ended with bud rot and spider mites. I may try again early, maybe start in the little greenhouse. Before bugs and muggy rains


Wish I had a greenhouse.


Funny you say that, I was just thinking about a green house today. Not sure I can pull it off where I am.


It’s just a little one. Summer Fall is the best time to find them cheaper.


Me either. At least not until Pritzker passes the law.


Even at that some ass hat would probably steal my crop.


I also have my eye on a greenhouse but I don’t think heat/humidity would be my friend


It’s balls soup here in the summer. I better just stick to indoor.


I won’t do late summer for sure. It was way to hot humid.


Seems here we haven’t had a spring or fall just beamin a$$ hot :hot_face: or :cold_face: cold


Idk what to expect anymore. Usually our August September is hot and dry. Not anymore :frowning:. Spring here hasn’t been the norm either…cold, hot, cold hot. I was looking at a rainbow in 55° a few days ago and this morning it was 28 🤷


Are you my neighbor??


Depends on where you are


I need to join the lab


Me too. It seems kinda complicated. Do you pay one time only or is it a yearly thing.


Maybe if I stopped buying lights and other stuff I could afford it


I think it’s one time but right now you have to pay for course too. But he’ll i could use more knowledge for sure. Are you watching football this weekend?