The Blueberry Strikes Back


Thanks @Familyman there’s a few issues, but I’m working on them. Cindy Haze (back right) is showing slight Nitrogen deficiency. She’s feeding heavier than expected due to the amount of light.

Blueberry does make you sleepy, but it’s great for migraines too.


Just traded for 2 NL auto beans, have never grown or tried that strain but it’s in the batters box.


N issues are easy to fix. Small potatoes. I’m hoping I can keep pH under control this grow with the coco and Mega crop


That was my last grow (NLA). I really like it. I let her go pretty done so the NL is right before bed zonk


That’s all I’ve grown so far and it’s super nice. Best sleep of your life.


Indeed @Covertgrower the gals are looking mighty fine!! That BBA is going to explode, everyone I have grown has had catchers mitt sized fans.


I’m glad you said that. Mine has leaves the size of my hand.


Both bb and NL knock me out. Can almost set timer 20-25 minutes and I’m doing the ole mike Tyson head bob and weave.


If anyone is one the fence about airpots, don’t be. They work really well and no fungus gnats.


“It’ll rape you till you love it”


Out of likes @Screwauger thanks. Being my first auto I’m still not sure how much stretch there is after she starts flowering. I was hoping for more height, but she’s an auto, and she does what she wants.


Yep 8 bong hits of BB and I just hit the 25 minute mark. Later folks!!!


Thanks for stopping by. Your tab is on me.


Here my outdoor blueberry auto

Unfortunately I lost that huge main to bud rot.


I’m curious too. Mine is a little over a week in and it’s only stretches about 6”


My bb ended up being about 50” tall lots of tying down. But agreed with the others your plants look :+1:t2: great


@Familyman @Midwestnewbie this is an auto, was yours an auto?


God damn! Mine is only in a 3 gal pot so I doubt it gets there.


Mine are autos.


It was in a 7 gallon but yes was an auto. Yielded 5 oz was first grow.

Had very inadequate lighting to say the least and had some serious stretch to her.