The Blueberry Strikes Back


Bahahahahahahahahahaha. Not tryna beat a dead horse. Issue is over n dead. But this made my day. U get a gold star bro :joy:


Ok, good. Now back to the normally scheduled program of my grow :rofl::rofl:


No worries. I don’t mind chit chat on my threads.


Does Jewel know ur stashing BBs? She’ll come raid ur tent


I think she may @GreenJewels just in case I’ll tag her in.


Oh I’m already lurking. I think on his other journal. Following now. Love those blueberries :grin::v::green_heart:


@dbrn32 if you would like to do the honors of deleting those for him…


Hey hey @familyman

Forum is acting up on my pc. Anyway, I really don’t think it will hurt them but if I were you, I would go up gradually not all at once. I’ve changed light sched before but always in about 1 hour increments. Di I think I am fooling the plants? hahaha I don’t know it’s just that it could confuse or shock them and to avoid that I take in incrementally so maybe up an hour a day or two hours a day. Depends on what your time line needs.


@Familyman I’ll follow along. I currently have a BBA. I can drop a pic if you’d want one. Didn’t want to clog your journal.
I know I loved blueberry when I tried it. So had to grow it.


Drop that pic like it’s hot. Thanks for following


So much BB talk, I went and dug out a jar of the second one I grew, harvested 1/28/18. Just as delicious and potent as ever!! Cured almost a full year lol


‘18 screwauger vintage. Must be celebrating something.


Hahaha. You guys are killing me, and I’m out likes. BBA is in the middle with pistils… :grin:


Just had not thought of it in a while and figured, lets BB off to sleep. Always good evening meds!!


Is it a sleepy nighttime smoke??


Damn you got your shit dialed in. Those look great.


Moreso than some, not as much as others. Will gave me some pure indica, whew, nap weed. The gorilla glue he gave me is more sleep inducing than the BB but BB still mellows me out and makes falling off very easy.


Side note, picked up a couple airpots and transplanted a blue cheese into the airpot and coco. Just a little experiment.


Just got done with a sample…I really need to stop sampling :joy:. It tastes so good and it’s just going to get better. It’s very relaxing for me. Doesn’t zonk me fast but a great evening/night relaxing and calm time.


Sounds like Northern Lights.