The Blueberry Strikes Back


Thank you! Sorry what was a helpful read…:sweat_smile:


Thanks @Familyman ! I love following your grows. I’ll be anxious to see how the MC does for you. I received my sample but I haven’t done anything with it yet. Your Autos are looking great!


Following. Best of luck!!


I’ll be following along


Awesome, and thanks for tagging! Happy to follow.


When you post seed pics please try to leave I.d. code not visible.


I’m following, and about to harvest a blueberry myself this week.


The label on packaging.


Set to watching. They look
Big n bushy. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Didn’t realize I was this popular. Thanks guys.


It identifies as to exactly what they are. It’s a privacy thing, as this is a public forum. Or, you could just simply do it because you were asked politely lol.


Looking good, should be interesting how they develop. The one you cropped looks bigger and bushier, very nice!


I wouldn’t take it too personally. I think @dbrn32 has chapped any one of our asses at any given time. He just wants to keep things safe and private for us all. He’s a frank guy that’s all.


No worries, we should be all good. Sorry about that, I’ll get it cleaned up.


What do you guys think about trying to bend over the plant on the right.


Thanks for the tag; watching.


Didnt we discuss this already :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:. Well Family Guy. Im here and set to watching. My money is on the poor tortured soul for yield and potency. Any takers?


I appreciate his frankness and lack of bullshit additiude. He knows his stuff.


So far the autos aren’t that bad to grow. It’s kinda nice to just let them go on there own.


@Screwauger if I’ve had my autos on 12/12 can I still flower them on a 16/8 schedule so I can veg some photos with them or should I leave them on 12/12??