The Blueberry Strikes Back


Well The Grow of the Clones is wrapping up and I thought I’d start a journal for my next adventure. These are my two Blueberry autos that I started about 6 weeks ago. The left one was topped the right one has been left to its own devices. I’m using FFOF and airpots. I also have 2 more that started a little later and are still in the veg area. They’ll be joining these guys soon. This is my first try at autos and so far it’s gojng pretty well. Using mega crop as nutes to see how it does


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I’d love to :see_no_evil:


Sorry if I forgot anyone. All are welcome to join!


I’ll be following along! Thanks for the tag :v::bear:


@MattyBear Anytime my friend. I’m liking the airpots. Ever used them??


I have blueberry seeds I so badly want to start but I’ve got so much going on I feel I would be taking on too much right now. So I’ll live through you for now


I’m excited to try this smoke and see how this line of nutes work. It may be the death oF NFTG for me.


That’s the reason I got the seeds (from ILGM) was because of the great reviews I read on the blueberry smoke… I might flip my Clones ASAP and start the BB


I got the 10+10 deal awhile back on them.


I missed that deal. Although mine are not auto. I think I have 6 left of the 10 from 4 failed germ.


I had about 8 not germinate. They replaced them though with my choice of seeds which was awesome.


I haven’t used the air pots before but I’m glad they work for you :wink::v:


I may try them with coco when I plant my black widows


Awesome. looks like they’re going great so far.


Thanks. I forgot to mention that I did some LST on the left plant also. I’m really going to torture her to see what happens.


That right one looks like she’s gonna be bushy if you don’t spread her out some. I know you wanted to leave her alone but she might thank you for it later.


Good idea. She is also about a week behind in flower than the left plant.


Btw. Your cherry pie grow is on point. Just started using coco and it is a very helpful read.