The bigger the pot the bigger the yield

Is it true that the bigger the pot you use the bigger the plant will be?

I wouldn’t say will be. More like can be. A lot of factors go into it but under perfect conditions, a larger potted plant should outgrow a smaller potted plant


plenty of root growing room is just one of many factors to a good harvest. but, yes…your right

Indoor, you can only grow so big before you run out of light.

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On that note…I’m getting ready to order cloth pots. Was thinking 7gal. 4x4x80" tent. Plan on 4 plants. 7gal ok or? Tia

Do you have enough light?
I personally don’t have anything bigger than 5 gallon.

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I’d have to say no on enough light. Been reading up on that a lot. So 5gal is sufficient? Have grand daddy purple seeds from ilgm.

Also plan on scrogging. Was going to do 5 plants in case but sounds like 4 is max.

You can have 50 small plants, or one huge one, just be aware of when the right time to flower, and figure in 20% stretch. Sometimes more.


I got a 31X31inch 71 inch tall grow tent with two 300watt hydro crunch LED’s is that enough light to grow in a 7 gallon pot?

Unfortunately it’s only a 150W light. It would be a enough for one plant in veg. You can grow with it, just don’t expect pounds out of it.

If this is the correct model? Just typed in your description.
Hydro Crunch B350200200 300-Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, 300W Veg/Bloom

That’s the lights u have but I got 2. Y does it say 300 watts if it’s only 150?

I have 2 of those

The correct answer to this question is… if the conditions, food and water is right, enough light is supplied… absolutely! Bigger root zone will always out perform a small one. You cannot grow this in a 10 gallon pot!


It’s only 120w.

It’s built with 60 leds that have a max of 5w each. So… 300w of potential, but no one actually pushes their light builds that hard. They’d burn out fairly soon. So it’s limited to 120w.

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It has a built in fan

So it might push 300

It says in the description 120W ACTUAL consumption. That’s the part we are pointing out.

Ok cool I got it