The Big Baby Tang


I was gonna write that too. Lol


K thanks for the help @raustin @Justgrowin :call_me_hand: :grin:


Check it out, you’re growing mushrooms LOL


I was thinking about a week


I did it :mage:t2:‍♂ Lol didn’t really have time to take pics, but her top was almost big as a cigarette carton. Smells delicious :call_me_hand: only got 2.5 zips wet but hope her smoke will make the difference. But she was quick n easy to grow so not really complaining


Congratulations on the harvest!


Usually loses 80% of the weight, but there’s usually more stem than that! I guess 1/2 oz cured of primo "company is coming over’ weed :wink:

My first 2-plant grow of bagseeds yielded a quarter-bag, and an eighth respectively LOL


The very first plants I grew was 2 bag seeds grown outdoors. About 3 weeks before springtime, I picked out a spot on a treeline facing east where they would get morning sun. I dug 2 holes about 18inches deep and buried a small dead catfish(caught the day prior) in each hole. As soon as spring arrived I planted a seed directly into the ground above each burial site. When they got about 1ft tall, i started using miracle grow all purpose. To my amazement, both of those suckers grew to about 8ft tall and both turned out 100% female! Didn’t top or anything(amateur). Didn’t know squat about growing! Lol. They grew huge colas! Me and my brother were just awestruck at how big they got! Wound up with about 4 or 5oz of smoke. Needless to say, from that day forward, I was obsessed with growing pot! Started learning all I could about every aspect of it. The rest is history, that was 20 years ago! I guess I just had a knack for growing pot, my brother to this day still can’t get one past seedling stage! LMAO!


thought the main stem was gonna be more oh well on to the next haha kinda disappointed with quantity the quality is gonna be good took a sneeker bud before she slept n let dry got real burnt so the quality is there lol @Whodat66


My last or other one gave me almost 4 zips dry I don’t usually do wet weight guess I’d just try it. Time to bust out the 2x2 n get some more going :call_me_hand:


Thank youuu @raustin :call_me_hand: :tada::tada:


I found this site because I had gnat problems. I had way more, but had no clue. I planted some bag-seeds and thought it was cool that they grew. Had no clue on light cycles or anything. At the end - with the help of the people on here - they ended up being the best smoke I had since High-school. They veg’ed for 3 months and were 8-12" high :wink: I made that 10-12 grams last about 3 months, just breaking it out for special occasions (or if I was bored)


@raustin I did that recipe I’ve been makin you gave to me and for the hell of it without askin anyone but I used(2.5g) half the trim it some of it coulda stayed on the buds lol and the other 2.5 grams totally ground n cut with scissors and it was one of the best yet, smelled kinda funky figure peanuts and tangerine lmao :+1: :+1: think I might over trim a little on purpose :man_shrugging:t2: Ever since ya gave me that @raustin been eatin it a lot lol think I could say thanks to you at least once a day :blush: so thanks again :upside_down_face: lol


That’s cool n I’m so glad my doctor told me about this place full of great fun/help just learned how to make edibles at home lol he thought this site could be to my advantage lol (grow n save crazy :money_mouth_face:) now instead of paying around 8hundred a month now I have fun doing it and get my own rewards for the work they get :sunglasses:


And from a quantity standpoint, now with good seeds, lighting, nutes, soil, etc. I’ll be surprised if I don’t get 10oz off of each plant.


Edibles are a whole different animal, right? Once you start it’s hard to go back to just smoking.


Haha lmao whole new story with edibles :tada::speaking_head: kinda a whole new process to enjoyyyyy :sunglasses: :wink: lol Love the different feeling wooooo!


TD2 more rootage :mage:t2:‍♂ final 5 gal from her 11/2 gal pot

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I agree with @raustin. Still have a bit to go. Are you checking the trichs on the calyx or sugar leaves?


Yep the trichs look milky but the plant isn’t there yet… oh well more time to play :raised_hands: lol