The Big Baby Tang


Never used stone or ceramic always plastic right up to 5 gal final. Even that yellow pot I use is plastic too just thick. N idk I don’t trust a buncha those in my tentn dang i can’t remember with daisy think she musta got a name if you mean deez the photo diesel? Idk which other it would be. Looked all the way back to January in my calendar too n nothin bout a “daisy” but I do remember havin one we were callin that lol :upside_down_face::exploding_head:


Did you get that other page?


That might’ve been cp1 if so she already got smoked lol


Also, my first grow was an abortion that survived - 6 months from sprout to harvest because I had no clue about lighting. I noticed gnats, and a google search for solutions introduced be to ILGM. After 4months under a 10W LED I had really pretty Bonsai plants. :slight_smile: but the pots had mold and salt build-up on the outside - so it had to be on the inside as well.

Anyway, I have a stack of clay and ceramic pots. I have noticed growing other herbs and vegetables in them that they tend to absorb salt and phosphates in the pot, and are susceptible to mold. If you are committed to plastic, go for it - but we add vermiculite and things to soil to aid in aeration. Your call.


Daisy chain. Remember one plant 2 pots.


Have a like 40 holes around the 5gal the bottom and 4 thumbsize holes the stick a finger in n feel the soil.


Yesss! That’s it​:wink: nope couldn’t get it to root into the 2nd pot then tried stander her up in just one pot… didn’t like standing anymore :nauseated_face::face_with_thermometer:


It was worth the try. Would have been super cool if it did.


Thats awesome you remembered or found it either way that’s cool :call_me_hand: forgot about the poor thang lol must’ve deleted her from my phone since she didn’t take :weary:


Remembered her. Wondered how many pots u got to. I messaged rausten asking if she remembered where it was.


Wish it worked I even scored some of the stalk figuring it would realize to root… lol didn’t happen


I cannot tell much from pictures due to my eye issues but, I do wonder what soil you are using and where did you get it?


@latewood I use ffof soil got it at the local shop every time, never a problem, I’m pretty sure I left the dome on too long while still slightly watering. I scraped it down about 2 inches n let it dry out waited a few then put new soil where I scraped n dug a little haven’t seen any signs of any other problems :crossed_fingers:


Good deal. I hope it all goes well from here. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the lookout @latewood ended up under control and growing fine now, little stunned growth from being out of the tent those few days but she’s alright :call_me_hand::herb: thanks again!


Big Tang before her breakfast @raustin @dbrn32 @merlin44 @Myfriendis410 @Justgrowin @blackthumbbetty @MBgrower @MattyBear @Budbrother @Screwauger
No mold or problems for a couple weeks now even with water so I think it’s all good :call_me_hand:


@livefast She’s adorable , did you give her s name yet , how about sweet pea , I don’t remember if you posted her strain & age , fem or Auto - either way LOOKING GOOD

Things have been very hectic lately but hopefully I can get out thete and give my Ladies some TLC not just water _ lol



Man how does this keep happening? Jumpers :wink: lol @dbrn32 @raustin @Justgrowin @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @Drillbit @MBgrower @Drillbit @SmoknGranny @BIGE


I see u started 2 of the same strains u have going. Just out of curiosity why not clone your current plants and have your second grow already b mature? Save your seeds.

They aren’t autos are they?


All are autos except diesel