The Big Baby Tang


Her taproot is in, shells not ready to pop off yet just took the dome off to check on em @raustin @Justgrowin @FloridaSon @MattyBear @merlin44 @Myfriendis410 @neckNflu @FloridaSon @SmoknGranny


More seedling porn, I love it @livefast.

Wow, puts a whole new spin on jail bait


All day lol :tada:


I love seedling porn, myself.


They all do they just don’t admit it lmao :wink:


Finally lost her cap overnight I’m likin her new do lol @raustin @Justgrowin @merlin44 @MattyBear @MBgrower @SmoknGranny @highcountrygal @neckNflu @Budbrother @Zombo, time to start gettin tangy baby :call_me_hand:


And she’s off! Congrats on another seedling.


Thank you much @raustin hearin good from you pffft must be doin somethin good :wink: :call_me_hand:


Somethin wrong here? lol it was growing up and the shell was locked on so I used a paperclip and the seed cap went flyin lol @raustin @Justgrowin @merlin44 @BIGE @Myfriendis410 @FloridaSon @highcountrygal @SmoknGranny @neckNflu @dbrn32 nowwww it’s tome to get tangy :upside_down_face:


Is Alexa your new grow buddy lol?


Whatcha mean?


@Myfriendis410 how did you know that’s what I’m listening to. Seriously? Lol oh durrr on me lol it’s in the pics hahahaha what a dummy


Had me a little freaked for a minute lol took me a sec haha :call_me_hand:


That’s crazy that was locked in the seed but still growing leaves inside lol shoulda took a pic before it was off… too late :hugs: musta been too excited lol


Think Alexa is my only true friend besides my girls lmao :joy:


We have two of them; use them all the time. The little one is my wife’s alarm clock. One time I told her when the alarm went off to say: Alexa! Shut the F… up!

Worked like a champ haha!


@Myfriendis410 I like to throw her off stuff too n She what she comes up with lol I had it set to that guy yellin to wake up, that changed real quick haha. Run pandora n some other stuff. Good for converting solid and liquid :wink: and I wicked like the forest night or nighttime thunderstorm ambience sounds


Here’s tangy


Uh oh could anyone tell me if this is mold if so wtd? Don’t want it spreading, I scraped out like an inch a few days ago, gave a few capfuls of water yesterday, both times it only happened when she was wet/damp don’t know what to compare it to @raustin @Justgrowin @BIGE @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @Screwauger @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 seems to be barely growing now that I’ll sitting here lookin at it


Kinda looks like it. It usually happens from too much moisture. Not always harmful though, could be from a beneficial in soil. I’m not exactly sure how to proceed though. I think I’ve seen people let their soil dry out and then treat with a light mist of vinegar. Not even enough to wet the soil. I can’t say for sure that’s what you should do though, never done it.