The best way to store seeds

NEED ADVICE on how to store seeds
What is the best way to store seeds for a long, long time, should you remove them from there paks before storing and do you have to dry the seeds first. Also is dry rice the best thing to use, do you need to oven dry the rice first?
Thanks for any reply

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I keep mine in the packs in a dark container in the fridge.


Fridge has always work for me I’ve used Seed 3 years old. Get caught up buying different seeds have more that I can use. Welcome to the community


HI thanks, that’s what lm doing now, just wasn’t sure about leaving them in the plastic paks they came in.

Yes here in Aussie it can get awfully hot. So yes the fridge is a good idea. Thanks


According to the Rev in his book True Living Organics seeds should not be stored in bags. He uses black film canisters in the fridge.

That’s what I do after reading his book.

I was wondering about that too.
Thanks for your advice.


Just don’t let them get damp in fridge, (tuperwear/ plastic container) with silica packet in there

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I harvested my own seeds from wet bud. There was some plant matter that got stored with the seeds and I got mold on them. I removed them and rinsed in peroxide then spread out on paper towel for a day to dry.

They sect back in and no mold growth yet(week or 2 ago).


Nice seed collection.

Those are just the ones I made.

Each pile is a different phenotype of Afghani(9 total) crossed with NL male.

2 other piles are Blueberry auto crossed with an NL and Skunk #1 male.

Then there are about 20 other strains I bought because I’m addicted to seed procurement.


Blueberry and Northern Light probably two of my most favorite.


Afghani x NL…
Purple Burqa


Purple Burqa?
Is this a new strain? :face_with_monocle:

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The name was just a suggestion, but sounds like it’s a @AAA creation.

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Haha, that we would be funny, “one eyed purple burqa people eater”!

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Baking rice (or flour for storing pollen) is about sterilization, not dryness.

Florist silica gel is my favorite so far, since it’s reusable and changes color when it reaches capacity. I like the sales containers inside a wide-mouth canning jar and inside a cedar box.

Freezing in a deep freezer (-10f) is optimal, but only after you dry the seeds fully.

There are tricks to improve the odds of germination in old seeds. Taking the water of a fresh coconut and soaking seeds in that will dramatically improve the chance of germination, as well as sprout vigor.