The best strains


I wanna hear anybody and everybody’s opinion. What is your favorite sativas and your favorite indicas. What strain would you recommend if you could only pick one of each for the rest of your life? Why?

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One of each? That’s tough. How about a sativa, a hybrid, and an indica? I’d have to say Tangie would be my favorite sativa-dominant strain. I love the citrus smell and flavor. It’s one of a handful that I know will always do the trick for my headaches and mood. It’s a very happy and uplifting high. My go to hybrid is Blue Dream. It’s good for my mood, headaches, and it’s also a good pain reliever. My favorite indica, lately, is Plum Crazy. It’s got a very ‘purple’ taste to it, and it usually helps me fall asleep relatively easily. My all-time favorite indicas are Grandaddy Purple, Kosher Kush, and Bubba Kush. They’re all pretty similar, yet very different highs. Pick one? Probably GDP. It’s a very, very chill high. Not much of a head high really, but a relaxing body high.


GDP for indica, b banner for sativa. Although I reserve the right to change my mind


Then they must not be your absolute favorites if you are worried about changing :joy: :beers:


Forgot about Bruce Banner. It’s pretty dang good, too.


My favorite strains so far. But I’m always throwing new strains into the grow.


Maui Wowie I think is a great sativa, have had only one pure indica, Afghan l. That one is good too though.


I’m still looking for a good Sativa that doesn’t couch lock. Hard to find strains around here that people even know what they are. Can’t wait for my sample pack lol