The best strain ever

it would be fun to run a couple autos in organic soil, bloom them mid summer. Ive never grown one, should try next year. Id want a big variety though :laughing:

I think FREE is the best strain !!!

I did buy new strain they have. Think its Zkittles

I’m trying several new ones to me this grow LSD,GSC extreme,Critical Mass,Blueberry CBD and a Mimosa Evo from Seedsman.

I really, really have a hard time pinning this one down and we love to try them all. I tend to like strains with citrus terpenes as they make me happy. We bought a half ounce of Bob Ross keif in Trinidad a few months ago and OMG! You just want to paint happy little trees everywhere. Apparently, it is hard to come by as we have been back to Trini and can’t find it and when we mention it to the budtenders they nearly melt with desire for it. I did find one place online that sells the seeds for a “novelty” but there is ZERO info out there on how to grow it, and being as how it will be a tent grow it is vital I know how big they are going to be and best parameters to grow (temp, rh, etc).

Strains we are super found of: Lamb’s Breath sativa (Bob Marley was onto something with this one). Jilly Bean ((my husband calls it viagra for women). And overall I really, really like the effects and balance of Mimosa. My husband likes any of the strains with “star” in the name. We like Strawberry Banana or Grape Ape if we really want to check out for awhile.

In the evenings I can spend hours seed shopping. Looking at the all the options and the tremendous varieties available. It is mind boggling! It reminds me of when I was a kid and would spend hours/days before Christmas pouring over the huge Sears catalog dreaming of what we might could get.

Edited: you were probably asking about growing, not smoking. I am on first grow of four Wedding Cake (fem) and a Grape Ape bagseed. I have learned that neither one of them are easy to grow. Next grow is GSC-Extreme auto, if I don’t break down and buy some Jack Herrer auto and do that instead. So as far as grow, I would not say Wedding Cake would be a favorite as it has been a tricky beast for me.