The best strain ever

I’m trying to decide what to order next for seeds. I’m growing white og, skunk#1, alaskan purple, big bud, blueberry and sour diesel… got plenty in jars of each at the moment. Im looking for a change.

What is your favorite and why???

I’m thinking next 3 will be Cindy 99, Skywalker og and banana kush.

What about you??


Shark breath from a private grower, another Girl Scout cookies from ilgm, and 2x fruity pebbles from a different seed bank.

yea I been real interested in the gsc. I haven’t smoked it yet but everyone seems to love it.

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I am doing 2 gsc now. One is huge! One not so much.

The other really tiny plant is a fruity pebbles I got from a different seed bank. I have 3 more I am going to try next grow, and see if they are any better. If not, I won’t be going to that bank any longer.

Next year I wanna grow wedding cake strawberry cough and gelato I’ve smoked the gelato before and liked the high


I’m with u there I really wanna try the GSCX by ILGM hear all good things

@Silverback Hey! No doubt about it, I would 100% recommend the Banana Kush for so many reasons already and it’s only my 2nd good grow. Next up I’ve got a sour diesel auto. And then I’m not sure what else to fill the tent with… I’ve got Gold leaf, chemdawg, and pure indica… and more banana beans! So many choices!!

Bro your gonna love that sour d. Tough bastards too. Mine like water only when they show they need it. Its a little harsh cause its an auto but darn good. I’m about to try the photo sour d. If its smoother and don’t have that ruderallis after taste it will be fire.

Cant go wrong with cindy 99, purple kush, and california snow. Im currently growing LA confidential

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I’m loving ilgm Bruce banner.
Skywalker og… meh.

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What do you look for in your go to stash?

Man, that’s tough. It would have to be either cheese or alaskan purple.

Cheese always let me get either wasted or chill at a low peak all day. I could reeeeeealy dial in the high i wanted. Was weird.

Alaskan purple because I don’t sleep well. And it awys helped

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So not necessarily a very psychoactive sativa? This is more of typical experience with Cinderella 99. If you like that, you would probably really like the Durban-thai x c99 from brothers grimm. Wasted is an understatement, like absolutely stupid high and I can’t function. I really liked the Maui waui from ilgm I’ve had too. It had lemony terps and kinda face melt buzz.

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Sounds like a potent 1, 2, 3 punch!

Did you find the Durban Thai x made you paranoid or anxious at all?
Thats a cross of 2 very strong hitters!

What’s everyone thoughts for
Indica dominate
Auto flower
For outdoor
Fruit taste

What are some recommendations


Have grown
Strawberry cheese cake
White widow

Why an auto?? Its hard to pull strong fruity flavors out of an auto. They always got that dirt weed burn that drowns some of the terps.

But here’s my recommendation.

Alaskan purple. I would do a double harvest and pull some with 90 % cloudy trichomes, and the other half with 30 or 40% Amber’s.

It will be like 2 different smokes. One will be a balanced and even high that is a decent party. The other will slightly couch lock ya and prep you to sleep well.

Thats my .03

I’m not set on it. I just like how easy they are to grow. Plus i live in Fl . So the compact size

I get it… I’m not an outdoor guy anymore, too risky where I am. If hight is an issue manifold and scrog. Make them grow out instead of up. Thats what I would do.

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I rarely have problems like that, so probably not the best person to ask. I would say not really, but I haven’t really overindulged either.