The best "oil" I've ever made, and no chemicals involved

I want to preface this with a little warning about dosage. What you are about to read is no joke, simple, and EXCEPTIONALLY EFFECTIVE. Used properly, the following product could potentially replace any other form of use of MJ you practice. Used improperly, and you may scare yourself. When I dialed this process in I took a 1/2 tsp of it, and felt like, and acted like I had taken a powerful hallucinogenic. Words of warning! Let’s get to it.

Materials needed:

  1. trimmings, popcorn buds, whole buds, any part of the plant that has trichomes on it
  2. A set of wine making/bubble bags
  3. water
  4. ice
  5. a broom handle
  6. pure virgin olive oil

I’m not going to go into how to make bubble hash, although that is the first step, and the first 5 materials represent what you’ll need to make it. I make amazing bubble hash, and I will gladly teach you how. But, in the interest of time and your eyes, I will only say:

My bubble hash comes out soooo good because I deep freeze my trim,buds, etc… for 24-36 hours beforehand, and I take my time (literally 5-6 hours) stirring it in the bubble bags. Ice is better than water when making BH, and the patience to let the ice melt and supply the majority of water, as well as slow steady mixing in 15 minute intervals spaced 30 minutes apart (2 stirring per hour) is the key.

So, you have your golden delicious bubble hash. Stick it in the freezer, uncovered. On occasion, over the next 24 hours take it out of the freezer, flip it, and let it warm up. Then back into the freezer with it.

With your dry (it should be chocolate brown on the outside, and golden in the middle), and frozen bubble hash ready, heat up some olive oil on low heat. You do not want your oil too hot. You could use a thermometer and heat precisely to the decarboxilation point (153 degrees?) or you can do what I do: stick your finger in it. If it burns immediately you are too hot. If you can keep your finger in it for 1-2 seconds it is just right. With your oil heated add your bubble hash. I use 8 grams of bubble hash per 60ml of oil. With the hash in the heated oil, slowly stir until It all dissolves. You can break the hash up prior to putting it in the oil. I make mine into disks and like to watch them shrink. I’m an odd duck though.

With your now bubble hash infused virgin olive oil (btw, olive oil is the best because it is a medium chain triglyceride and is processed by the body the most rapidly) you need to store it in an amber colored, or other light resistant glass bottle. You can use butter or vegetable oil in this process too, but I’m telling you, the olive oil really ramps it up over using a short chain triglyceride (butter, corn oil, etc…).

This oil is now ready to be consumed. You can do it by itself, but it’s Not the tastiest experience. What good medicine doesn’t taste bad, right? Or, you can supplement a bit of it into your favorite cookie, cake, fudge, etc… recipe… If you got good bubble hash, a recommended dose would be 1/4 tsp (1.25 ml). Half a tsp. (2.5 ml) will rock your socks and may be more of an experience than you are prepared to have.

I hope you find this organic, healthy, and powerful method of potentiating and extending your medicine helpful.



@DissidentPriest In your experience with making bubble hash have you ever tried using dry ice instead of the normal ice cubes being that it is so cold that’s how I normally extract My pollen with 1 gallon bubble hash bags and I have a total of four of the hash bags but would love to learn how you make yours by the gallon if possible thank you for sharing

Hey @Hogmaster! I use dry ice for the before processing “deep freeze” and regular ice in the bags. I always make some mess, and dry ice just hurts too dang much. I use about 5:1 ice to water in the bags, and let the ice melting supply most of the water. The melting ice also works marvelously as a clock, so to speak. When there is more water than ice, it is time to drain and do it again. I use 5 gallon bags in a 4 bag system. I noticed that a slow steady mixing with lots of ice is more effective than a rapid mixing. I am not even joking when I say it takes me 5-6 hours to fully process one batch of material. I also process the material 3 times, saving the water each time for sedimentation and decanting: gumbie hash is interesting. My biggest mistakes in bubble hash were in over agitating/mixing to the point of ending up with green brick junk. That’s why went with a broom handle, regular ice, and lots of patience.

I will definitely be posting my bubble hash tek with picture tutorial later down the road. I need to build-up my material by getting a few harvests in first. I’m used to doing it with hefty garbage bags full of trim, popcorn, etc… . I am going to have to get used to being a little personal grower again.

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@DissidentPriest Well if there’s anything I can do to help you throughout your grow I’m there for you man along with everybody else but I appreciate it I’ve learned to be very very patient so I have no problem I’ll just use a wooden stick like Wooden kitchen utensil and what your biggest to smallest goes inside of each other or smallest to biggest I forgot because like I said when I bought my four bags there just 1 gallon bags and I use dry ice to get my pollen through the bag and I use The purple bag which I think is like 280 µm but I’m not sure I would have to look because I was thinking about doing one or two possibly 3 ounces at a time depending how much I can get in my 1 gallon bags without overdoing it