The best of the best strain that you grow so far


What it’s? And how it’s?
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i’ve smoked pot most of my life…smoked some great stuff too!
rarely was a name put on it ,unless the skunk stepped into the room…lol but even then we never knew the actual strain so i’m limited in that way…
here is my short list @M4ur,and i have all three currently growing!
1/ GSC
2/3 NL or blueberry they both are great!


My best strain so far is White Widow photoperiod from ILGM.
I’ve only grown white widow so far for photoperiod plants. I’m currently growing gold leaf, big bud and blue dream.
I’ve had 2 successful grows with white widow and both times produced big buds. Very easy
To grow which is a plus.
To be honest hoping my current Blue Dream will end up better than the white widow.


Cinderella 99. Fruity smell and taste, very intense cerebral buzz


@M4ur how are you doing mate , I loved travelling to visit some family and friends the Shunk was definitely in the room @BIGE for sure but NL, WW, and for me M4ur Purple Haze. NL×BB and Critical the first I named were fems and the other were Autos nice for the tag buddy.


It’s really hard to beat the White Widow. Not only is it one of my favorite smokes, but its damn easy to grow as well.

Then again… Amnesia Haze is a solid high, almost psychedelic! Not as easy to grow though. I could go on, but those are my top two. :heart_eyes:


WW for me, they are photos but it was only my 2nd grow good strain @M4ur for me it’s strong… I did have some beers one night… was semi drunk and smoked some and that got me almost like I was nauseous… friend of mine said I got cross faded or crossed up… other than that it is really good stuff. It’s not the strain but my tolerance


Hands down : Crystal, easy to grow & zombie weed.


I just ordered my BOM prize: Crystal fem! Thanks to you haha!

Sour Diesel is my all time favorite but Gold Leaf and GSC-X too. WW is always awesome.


I never knew a name of any kind of strain until the last couple of years. It was either commercial or kind bud that is what you got. So I am limited in strain names.

Gold leaf was probably the strongest buzz and I grew a green hornet that had a beautiful smell and taste.


Sativa: Green Crack
Hybrid: Dutch Treat
Indica: Purple Urcle



Keep me tagged if you don’t care. Would like to follow your grow


I’ll try my best to choose, but I like all weed! Lol. I’ll give you my favorites that I’ve grown and favorites that I’ve smoked.
Sativa: Grown: Alaskan Thunder F@&k / Smoked: Cinderella 99 or Super Silver Lemon Haze.
Hybrid: Grown: AK47 / Smoked: (Too many lol) Tahoe OG, Dutch Hawaiian Treat
Indica: Grown: Blueberry or Cheese / Smoked: Same


Northern lights , chronic widow , white widow , big bud bubble gum , super skunk , amnesia haze , AK-47 sour Diesel , OG Kush , gold leaf , Afghan , blueberry, cheese, pineapple haze



And…don’t stop there keep going now…lol


@raustin , when you grew your WW photos, were they bushy like shrubs? Check out my grow journal. I’m looking for someone who gets similar results as me. I cant seem to get them to stretch. I’m Happy with the explosive growth, but no height??


I’ve had a couple that I grew that turned out really well. I grew a really nice green poison once. And I grew a real nice critical 2.0.
The 3 best I ever smoked are blue dream, Gorilla Glue, and nine pound hammer (probably in that order, but really I’m just splitting hairs haha)
My first purchase from ilgm just occurred recently and I got blue dream! I’ve always wanted to grow it and thanks to ilgm now I can. I hope it’s good or better than what I had. Ilgm adding Gorilla Glue, that was just an awesome coincidence for me, but I love it. I’m going to probably order GG next in addition to LA Confidential. There’s so many I want though. My wish list is outrageous looking.