The beginning of my White Widow scrogged grow!


Well Hello I’m about to start my next grow of a white widow scrogged plant . As of now I only have one seedling started that’s up and on its second node . I’m been debating if I should grow 2 white widows in separate growing buckets and scrogged the 2 plants in one screen which I think might be a bit over board in my lil 2x2x4 tent due to my last experience growing 2 auto’s in my tent , it got real crowded late in the grow in flower after the plants stretched . Now this grow will begin with the added Led panel , also with my Advance Led panel , which totals about 800 watts . I did get a couple of C.F.L 's to add if needed , but this grow will be interesting . I think I’m gone extend my vegging to fill out the scrog screen I designed for my tent , than I’ll switched into the flower staged once I get the scrog filled . Now if this is your first time following my grow journal or thread , welcome and hopefully I can make this as easy as possible for the average beginner to follow along and get a great yield for all the work that goes into caring for a plant throughout its growth from seed to harvest . First thing I do is germ my seed in a paper towel soaked in water than drained of excess water until damp and place in a small plastic bowl in room temperature and damp as needed until seed germs , which takes about 2-3 days in room temperature of about 72 degree’s . Once seedlings germs , I place my seedling in my method of how I layer my soil , which I used about 4 inches of the very bottom of the bucket I put Fox Farm Ocean Forest , than I top off the remaining of the bucket with coco coir mixed with perlite . I placed germ seed into that about an inch down and keep moist until it sprouts .


I will be watching Yoshi

I like the way you do your journals.
As a white widow grower myself. I have never grown the auto version.



This white widow is not an auto Garrigan62 it’s a regular feminized seed I had from my last order here , I have some O.G.Kush seeds left as well , but since my last widow out stretched my tent from one of my older grows , I decided to scrogged this widow to keep it controlled in a scrog with topping and mainlining to fill out the scrog than flowered to see the final results . Now that first plant white widow I grew with an og Kush in the same space , I had left on vacation and the widow was root bound and didn’t get watered in time and it was like week five in flower . So by time I got back from my trip , she was to dry to long to recover , but the Kush plant was doing good . So I had to harvest the plant very early and not fully matured , which made for some very harsh and a horrible smoke , so I ditched it all which was about an ounce and 3 grams I think , but if I could have finished it , I knew it was gone put on some wieght, but spontaneous things happen when growing sometimes . So now I decided to grow just one plant , which is a regular fem white widow from ILGM genetics and my plan is to top and train into a manifold mainline grow that will also scrog the colas as the tops grow out , which might put me vegging for about 12- 16 weeks if not longer , than once I get the screen full , than I’ll flip it and see how much more I can yield from one monster plant . Now the scrog will help me big time because I don’t have a whole lot of room for stretching , so to keep the plant short and full I believe this method would be my best chance to maximized my yield to 10 ounces are more with one plant . So this will be a long vegged plant with a normal flower schedule of 9 weeks , so about 5 1/2 to 7 months as long as I keep everything in the right range , and since I’m using Advance expert level nutrients , with Open Seaseme and Cha-Ching this time , I’m excited to get the plant growing so I can start topping and pruning and get that main line going . Another bonus is i plan on finishing this plant in a 5 gallon which makes room for bigger roots , and as you know the bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits , and also adding 2 125 watt CFL grow lights on side of the 2 LED lights which will be about 1000 watts in a 2x2x4 tent with the best options without heating issues . Doing my test run my heat topped out at 82 degrees with 40 % humidity with CFL’s and both LED panels . So comparing what my last grow did with the blueberry yielding 4.5 ounces , I’m thinking I can double that with a scrog grow . So in time I’ll try to keep the thread updated to each week throughout the grow , including nutrients feelings , Ppm , Ph , temp and humidity , also I’ll used Co2 for about 3 weeks in the last part of vegging into the first two weeks of flower and that’s it and see all what I been studying in Roberts lab will help my goals this time .


Blue Dream Harvest - SCROG - Coco Hempy Bucket - Humboldt Seed Organization . This my plan with my one plant scrog .


Hey wats up yoshi I have few questions for you. How big of a bucket do you use when you first plant the seedling? I’m planning on using coco coir with perlite for my next grow. Is it better to use both soil and coco coir like you explained? Im waiting for seeds I ordered last week from ILGM. I wanna be ready to go as soon as they get here. Anyways any help would be appreciated thanks


Boney in my experience I learned to layer my soil , which gives you the option of not having to transplant . It’s been debated about soil for seedlings , and everybody has they own methods . Now what I’ve learned that works great is layering your soul medium . Regardless of the pot size , you put your soil of choice one the very bottom about 3-4 inches deep or 1/2 of the pot , than top it off with coco coir mixed with perlite . I put 2 bags of perlite to one bag of coco and that’s how I start my seedlings . Now it also works if you want to transplant as well . This method helps the plants to advoid to much micro organic matter that can be to strong for some seedlings , so since the coco coir don’t have nothing in it , your seedling can start rooting without nutrient burn in early veg . Than as the plant grows and build strong roots , it grows into the stronger balance soil at the right stage and helps your plant from early defiencies , but you will have to manage your cal- mag in the beginning in the coco once you start feeding nutrients . I normally mist spray until plant is at its 2 - 3 node .


I put a one inch layer of hydroton claytons on bottom , than I put Fox Farm Ocean Forest about a quarter of the way of the pot , don’t really pack it tight , just a few slight drops of the pot to settle the dirt , than I top off with coco coir mixed with perlite and again I don’t really pack the medium , I just slightly drop the pot until it kind of packs itself and that’s about it and it works very consistent for me growing from seed .


Thanks yoshi a huge help bro. Appreciate everything. Hydroton Clayton are those peach/tan color circle rocks right?


Yes that’s correct , now you can either mixed them in your soil mix and coco mix , or just a small layer on the very bottom to help your plant from root bounding .


Ok cool. Thanks again. Just to clarify one last thing, is it ok to start a seedling in a 5 gal pot ?


That’s what I was planning on doing to try and avoid transplanting but I wasn’t completely sure if that was the best way to go.


Yes , I germ my seed in a wet moist paper towel until the tap root is showing , than I plant that germ seed straight into the final pot , place lights about 12 inches above dirt and let seedling thrive its whole life in final pot . That way you get a very large tap root that grows really big strong roots and big colas .


Alright sweet thanks again for the input bro really helped me. I’m glad I ordered from this site and found you guys. Thanks guys really. I’ll definitely keep you posted when my seeds arrive.


You will do fine , read the grow bible follow each step in order , create the right climate and temperature , the right light and you will have some really good medicine in about 4 months .


Here it goes my white widow strain from ILGM genetics , right from the seed shop . Now this the fun part starting from seed , so hopefully I can get this scrogged into a great harvest .


Looks good there Yoshi…I am in my 6th week with a single WW Fem. in a 5 gal soft pot. I just switched it over to 12/12. I am using GH nutes according to the bottled instructions. Using LED Kind 450 as lighting. I am going to add some side lighting CFL. Here is my latest photo


First let me say great job my friend , but if you look in the bottom photo with the Led light panel on you can see some leaves look green and the more top leaves look pinkish from Led lights , in that photo the green leaves is not getting that penetrating light . But if you added a CFL grow light that’s rated for flower on each side of your Led that will raise your light watts per square feet and that plant will put on some major wieght . Even another Led if you could afford it , but a more alternative would be 2 big CFL grow tubes would be perfect and bring your yield up by at least 25% more at harvest . Even if you built a screen scrogged right now while you switching into flower , just make sure you get it in there before week 3 of flower and that would increase your yield also , but that’s exactly my goal in your picture , one big beautiful plant with plenty of mass colas of some real super sticky Cha-Ching buds !!!


Man if you was to stretch some of those big top branches , all those little fan leaves stems will become colas to that’s where a lot of your popcorn bud will be if that part don’t get much light , but if you tie it down and let more light get thru the canopy you would be amazed at how much more wieght you could get out of your plant . Wow my brother it looks great man , I’m anxious to get to this stage again , man you have a beautiful looking female there my friend , She looks amazing and very lush green . Remember when you make the flip into flower continue your nitrogen feeding until your 2 nd week of flower before you completely remove it , that way your plant transition smoothly with no stress from veg to flower , but man she looks stunning , great job !!!


Damn taleone that’s one beautiful plant bro. I hope mine will turn out like that. Good job man badass plant


Beautiful plant.