The beginning of my first grow (King Tut)


Hello everyone,

I have my seeds in coconut water with a corrected PH. I want to know have anyone tried this before or should I stick too the normal method? I also have another In distilled water.


Never thought of coconut water not sure if it would be beneficial or not but let me know how it does


Of course! :ok_hand:t4:


I personally just plant them I don’t germinate as I have lost every seed I have germinated


I’m trying the indoor hydroponic system so all the people I’ve come across that use hydro germinates. I’m just trying to see what works for me so far.


Oh yea I know tons of people who use that method and I believe that with ilgm germination guarentee you have to germinate but I have 4 more SD reg seeds that are getting ready to go in coco


I’m using rock wool cubes. I hope everything turns out well! I’m excited but impatient so I’ll see what happens.


Me too I decidea sence I dropped cash for new seeds i decoded to get rid of all of the old seeds


Got my fist taproot today! :raised_hands:t4:


I’m going to continue to let the taproot grow for another day then plant into my hydroponic system.


Welcome to the forum @Skiiwalkr88
If you look closely you have two tap roots both of those babies cracked open
Woohoo if using rock wool i would get them in the cubes before long my friend
Im a soil guy my self so ill be following along mostly
@Donaldj is our resident hydro guy just a fyi


I totally concur. Long taproots are asking to be damaged. I try to get them in something as soon as they crack open.


What are the advantages supposed to be, using coconut water?


Thats a good question @PhantomFarmer


Other then the more organic route I’m taking filtered and bottled water has fluoride or high levels of chlorine. I was reading a lot of high times when I came across this really healthy organic way to have nice tasting with a smooth smoke bud. Here is the part I pulled out of High times " Raw, organic coconut water can replace an armload of top-secret grow formulas. Added to feedings at 15 milliliters per liter of H2O, coconut water will cause your plants to grow faster, more vigorously, and with more buds sites and shorter internodal distances. Keep in mind that a coconut is the biggest seed on Earth — and like any other seed, it contains enough nutrition for the plant to grow until it develops sufficient leaves to make its own food. Coconut trees get taller by growing huge palm leaves that die off, leaving a trunk — which means that unlike cannabis, which grows stem space between each set of branches, coconut water has cytokinins (sigh-toe-kine-ens), hormones that signal the plant to divide cells in the roots and growing shoots, equaling explosive growth. Coconut water is also a great source of cal- cium, magnesium, and other minerals and elements your plants need." with this method I have a nice root planted just in 10hrs over all. I add a little Aloe just to provide my lovely ladies with a little protein kick start. So far so good :blush: @Countryboyjvd1971 @PhantomFarmer


Hmm … well, that’s just fascinating and certainly worth trying. Thanks for the info.



@Skiiwalkr88, only an option but I would put them in right now and let those girls do there thing they look good my friend good luck.


I have placed them in their respective homes already. Now I’m just letting them be for a day or two

I’ll be back to check on them.


If anyone has any suggestions to better my grow feel free to comment! Any help is appreciated.