The beginning of flower

When a plant is put under 12 and 12 what is the usual time the plant shows first signs of flower

I would give it a week or two. If no signs then go back to 18 hours of light for a few days or leave in dark for a couple of days then go back to 12/12

How old are the plants that you are running 12/12 on?

It can take up to two weeks to see pistils after flipping the lights to 12/12. If you don’t see anything you should make sure you have no light leaks in your grow space. Anything like an indication light on any device can stop flowering.

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9 weeks and their autos or supposed to be

Like a little green light or a little red light I have a couple of those on in there

Then no need to put on 12/12 autos flower no matter the light schedule.

Yeah I know supposed to Flower 5 6 weeks never happen

Oh, are these autos? If yes, then it doesn’t matter what light schedule they’re on. If not, then yes, those little red and green lights can stop flowering.

Yes they are autos never flowered so I put them on 12-12

Ah, I see. Then give them a little more time, they have to flower eventually.

They r growing like weeds:joy: I’ll b out of room soon

It’s possibke you may have got photo seeds on accident.

I’ve had autos not flower after two months, just go 12/12 and it should help

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