The art of bender. pics udate new getting thick

I have been bending and shaping my plants for small places. I have years of doing this for years



Does this help the plant in any way or is this just your signature MJ art?!!! pretty cool any how

Very cool. Interesting to know how well they heal and bend!!

Of course @FyshhTrap, it’s using both LST and super cropping. It’s great for getting light to branches that would normally be covered. Allowing more branches to grow, adding more colas. It helps with indoor and having to keep plants short as well.


This makes the plant very full. up to4 times m more yield.

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There is a trick. And i have a tool to help me bend the plant with little strees.

Are you going to share that trick and or tool lol??


cool, I do that sort of stuff with my outdoor grows, sometimes it occurs naturaly because of where I grow them, they get caught up in bushes and branches, if its not hurting them I keep them there and they grow all over the place, It"ll proly happen with this grow I have out now

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Oh yes i think it works best outdoors… i can help with all your needs

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“Super Cropping”, nice. What did to tape it with?

Yellow friction tape…

I just checked em , a couple of them are definitely gonna hit some low branches, I can see em twisting soon!

Super cropping, check it out.



new pics. Still two and a half months left in season.


from the topand the stretch


One sum leaf 13 inches across.

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I should be doing something similar next summer… Got access to a grow area outside and I’m super excited to see these and what I could maybe do…

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Yes this is after i toped the plant so there are only the 4 bottom branches. . I use two chop sticks with a rubber bands on one end. Part the two chopsticks with the branch where i want to bend, closer to the bottom of the branch near the stalk of the plant then i gently squeeze the side of the chopsticks with no rubber band on it and the brach bends back . Do this many times but dont do it to much at once. Just bend the bottom fout down. Let them bulb up. And repeat up the brach.

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I can’t wait to see how I can grow it in a weird but kinda stealth way… I have a scrog going now inside so I can kinda see but I want the :sunny:️ for all its power ya know lol

And after a while the plant will bend its so its like training…