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@dbrn32 thought you’d get a good chuckle

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You know it!

I would guess that having ppm that high would shorten filter life quite a bit. Just thinking if you got one that wasn’t very expensive to replace, could you install it somewhere where you could use it only for plant watering? Mine is something like $15 and runs whole house. I change it about every 3-4 months. But I do have a separate hose bib in my utility area, if I installed on that and used just for my plants, it would probably last a year. Granted, my tap ppm is generally around 280.

I was just thinking that as easy as mine is to change and for the cost, probably quite a bit cheaper and easier to just do the filter than mess around with having to get and ph distilled water.

Can you throw me a link? Thanks

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I installed this before starting my second grow. I can honestly say that it’s the best investment I’ve made since I started doing indoor hydro grows. It may not be quite as important for soil growers, but it is very useful in general and super simple to install. Took me less than an hour.


Not sure if you seen, but I linked a filter in my thread to avoid any potential issues