The anything thread


This is a place to make observations and statements that would require too much effort and or dedication to justify its own dedicated post.

Let me start.
From nov-march I don’t like to look at the “outdoor” section because it’s all people from Australia and I can’t relate as I am unable to grow outdoors during this time.


Aussie Aussie Aussie :wink:
I’ll go next. Tucking in a scrog is the most addictive thing you can do on your hands and knees.


Oh and whatever happens, do NOT, under any circumstances piss on any bodies cereal!!! :wink:


Adjusting ph in distilled water ugggghhhhhh
One drop of ph down and you lose like 3 whole points and the readings are fluctuating


PH makes me crazy. Its too low then i think ive fixed it & now too high!


The less salts in the water the harder to dial in.
Also some spring water has buffers that make it hard to move the ph to your liking.


Soot my tap water where I moved, ph is at 8.
Don’t have a ppm meter but I know it has high numbers because I can add ff trio and it sits right at 6.4 6.5
Any other time it’s at 4.8-5.5
Take at least 3ml down to move it without nutes


My tap water is 700ppm!!!
I literally have to buy gallons of distilled water just to water the plants


I have a question and hope it is ok if I pose it here. If my plants nutrients trickle down into the roots as it sleeps; will feeding them before wakeup, and quickly turn lights on after, so the roots start sucking up fresh nutes, make for a better plant? It could be done under a green light too, right? What say ye?


Is that even legal? I thought I read the limit was around 500…unless it is your own well water.


Bet that’s a pita, least grow I had pond water. We moved and now I’ve been using well. We have a , we’ll it’s a swamp, bottom, holler, whatever you’d call it. The ph of that is 4.5-5.5.
So either way I’d be using a lot of up or down.
Huh just thought about mixing half and half.
Thanks for the thread and a chance to let genius take its course :joy:


I’m calling the water company but their data sheet has "ranges " of mineral content and that is scary.


They don’t wake up for an hour after sunup. 2 hours to get then to go to sleep after sun down


Hahaha! Ya, I’m here.


Could a simple particulate filter knock that ppm within range for you? I think home improvement stores have them pretty cheap and fairly easy to install.


They wear out exponentially fast


700 ppm! that’s up there! my ppm from the tap is 11 ph is 6.4


Wow that’s so lucky


I’m kinda in the same boat: tds of my tap water is 525 ppm. But I use it and have had no issues. It just saves on cal mag haha!


Having weird situations in my veg tent. Multiple days humidity has been real high, I thought I adjusted the exhaust but it was on low contributing to high humidity. As a result? The same darn weird failure on my 2nd meizhi that occurred previously on the 1st one. Led for veg doesn’t work but bloom works. Also I can daisy chain without issue. Uggggghhhhh really tired of the meizhi issue. I just ordered 2 roleadro cobs. 189$ I did not want to spend