The Accidental Germination

Which is the current condition? They look like they were doing well in the pots except for a lack of lighting.

The pictures of them in pots was the 1st transplant, 3 looked okay and 3 did not, i did it last Wednesday-the wilted ones which didn’t look good-I started mixing the soil around and noticed a cream colored clumps (not the soil I put in) then I started to look closer and it was slimy and smelled terrible-so after deciding I wasn’t going to mess with them, I ended up taking all of them out! I’m glad I did because they all had this nasty root rot-and might have killed my 3 okay looking plants, I did the 2nd transport tonight so I will get pictures tomorrow. Fingers crossed and many lessons learned fir next time-sheesh!

Ok well I’m going to guess and say they were over watered. Or a lack of drainage caused it. You need to make sure you have good drainage and it looks like they need more light. Ease up on watering only water when the soil is dry about 2 inches down. Over watering is worse than under watering. Post up pics tomorrow and go from there.

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The pics of the roots after taking them out of the bad soil!

Yes, my uneducated guess is too much water, not enough oxygen. Lighting LMAO these are outside and since I lost all sunlight in my yard I brought a lamp outside-I prob need a better lamp?? :joy::raised_hands:t2:

Thank you @DoobieNoobie :+1:t2:

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Yeah they need at least 18 hours a day of good light. The light should be enough that they aren’t stretching. A couple CFL bulbs over each of them should suffice for now.

These are the three good looking ones and the three covered are the dying ones. Funny my PH was right on before now it’s 7-8! Grrrr

Yea if it aint one thing its something else… keep working @ it

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I also got new lights!Uploading: image.jpg...
Oh I think my PH is going down!!! Around 7 not 8!

It didnt load properly. Try again

And keep coming down. Need it in the 6 range preferably (for soil)

I’m finally in the 6 ph on all 4 good ones! There’s 2 that are prob not coming back!

I’m also looking into T5 HO lights!

Ok, I figured out my uploading issue-if you start uploading and then leave the window, it’s stops! So I waited till it said :100: %! Works great! Duh!

Hahaha sorry thought i gave that tip. Also if its loading a % dont click the type button. Let it get to 100% then finished. Then type again :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: My bad

Girls looking good tho. Spreading those roots… slowest yet most important part

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I’m worried about Big Mama!? How can I help her??? This is after 2nd transplant?

O my?!?! What happend? Looks like stem damage. Either overwatering/dampening off, bud in stem, or some other root problem. She still standing??

That blasted pH meter!

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It looks like damping off. This is why it’s so important not to overwater seedlings. I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can do for her.

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Yeah! Send your condolences! To big mama and her babies! With the wind and fires and my overwatering and transplanting I failed them! But learned so much on the way! I’ll try outdoor again in spring/summer! I have a few Kosher Kush seeds-(read best grown indoors) LOL, I’ll start with germinating 1-2 seeds in paper towel then to its own Solo cup-correctly this time, and transport when they are ready! Thank you ILGM And all that helped me through this! I’ll start a new post with better updates on a Kosher Kush seed!

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