The Accidental Germination



Soooo I had a bunch of seeds unknown but more than likely indica in a plastic tube and when it rained the seeds germinated. I cannot waste these gems so I popped them into a dead potted lime plant. A few days later I had 6-8 babies growing! I’m in Los Angeles and it’s The end of October, these are outside in a pot! I’ve already lost daylight and sunlight so I hooked up a cfl lamp over them and most seem to be doing great?! I even had another one pop this week?! I’ve been making sure not to overwater and have fed them fish fertilizer and coffee grounds on top soil. My pics show oct 12 to present. I’m praying! Question; Should I be doing or adding anything else? Uploading: 73DC11BF-5037-4D3C-893D-808B639FA601.jpeg… Uploading: 67C97758-15D0-420E-89CF-5693B7C6B06C.jpeg… Uploading: E655418F-406F-4247-A45A-82D5A52D13CF.jpeg…


There is a grow bible on this site that you can download that steps you through the various things to take into consideration. For starters, making sure your pH of the water and nutrients you are using is key . For soil, around 6.5, for soilless/hydro 5.8. Everything you need can be found on Amazon.

Good luck, and here’s a link to the download.


Ok! Downloaded the MB!


Looks like some of your pics didn’t fully load. But I’m guessing it’s gonna get crowded in that pot fast!


You’ll definitely want to get them into their own individual pots or plots. If they stay close like that, they’ll fight for nutrients, and eventually they’ll get too big & start crowding each other out.


Ok, I can transport them to their own pots! Thank you!!


I think the pics are still uploading :rofl::woman_facepalming:


Lol that’s usually code for picture overload lol


Totally!! I overloaded their system


Congrats on the grow you didn’t know you were going to have.


Thank you Familyman!! Wish me luck! I’ll do whatever I can to keep them growing!!


You’ve already made the right choice of coming here.


Best of luck from this way as well! If u dont mind. May i ask wat kind of soil that is? Looks fairly clunky and void of perlite or vermiculite… those are ESSENTIAL in soil for helping water drainage/retention.

Also pH is SUPER IMPORTANT. Get u a meter asap.

O and welcome to ILGM!


Lol! Yes the soil is the original citrus soil from my lime plant. I think it looks muddy from my coffee grounds. I am headed to the store with a list, Meter, organic soil, vermiculite etc etc. I figured while I transport them I might as well get them in the correct soil! They are really growing I almost feel weird messing with them!wosh me luck on the transport! I’ll post once I’ve gotten them into their new homes with new soil and stuff :sunglasses:


When transplanting id rince the roots gently. And try to set each seedling in its on seed starter pot or 1 gallons. 6 plants in one pot is a recipe for a problem.


Yes I was extra careful with the plant especially the roots!! Uploading: CE57252F-152A-42B5-9A5E-1DF0EB90C646.jpeg… Uploading: 2A8FF6C5-C296-40A3-9F5D-6B315B107DA9.jpeg… Uploading: 1F5D2352-486C-45F5-99EA-6D4C49B28274.jpeg… Uploading: B1405793-375E-427F-A1DE-2F4E8DD4C1C9.jpeg…


Ugggh! New issue, all my transplants looked to have root rot, disgusting smell, I dug them all up and sterilized my pots and gave new soil! I kept them in an Aloe water rinse :face_with_head_bandage: they look better already but we will see! I got a meter too!


Try posting pictures again.