The 6th time is a charm!

Finally! My Maui Wowie autos are looking good. I added some additional CalMag and will continue to do so each watering moving forward. I vowed to move to dirt but I couldn’t let the Coco Coir go. I refused to admit defeat in spite of my abysmal track record. It all worked out and I’m glad I stuck with it. Here’s what I changed:

  1. Seedling light instead of starting with the 1200w light. My guess is this may have been why my flowers stunted. Too much light too early. Not mature enough to handle it until the veg stage even at 6’ of distance. Now, I will transition them to the larger light in a week or so once I see the first couple of nodes.

  2. I used nutrients from day one. Everything I had read previous was adamant about not using nutrients until after the first week. Well, as many of you told me, Coco Coir is a blank slate. It has no nutrients. Flower needs nutrients to grow and it’s my job to make sure they are in the substrate. I pre-watered the Coco with CalMag amended water PH’d to 6 before planting the tape root.

  3. Dakine 420 Coco Blend is the medium I used. It comes with nutrients already in it and pre-washed. So far that has proven to be a good choice and the flower seems okay with it. No burning.

  4. I changed my watering routine to every other day. Only one teaspoon full after the initial watering of the Coco and plain water with no nutes every other watering.

  5. Environment is 78% / 70RH

Today is the end of week two. Another week or so and it’ll be time to transplant them into their permanent home. Again, I cannot thank all of you enough for your patience. I really do appreciate everyone that took the time to comment and give advice. I learned from all of you even when I failed out. It was painful but the knowledge I gained is invaluable to me moving forward making the bad experiences worth while.

Glad I didn’t give up.


Tenacious. Good for you. Good luck.

@Aiconic nice work

Congrats on your seedling success!

In the future if you need help with issues pictures will always be better in regular light, even if it’s lights off and camera flash.

I recommend you keep this thread open and start a full journal. You can tag people in to ask questions and get feedback. I’ll usually post any crazy ideas I have first and see what the consensus is before proceeding and it’s stopped me from doing stupid thing as more than once.

Having all of your steps and questions in one spot will make this an invaluable resource. Plus we like following along and watching the growth too!

Good luck



Don’t do like me and have 2 or 3 open threads
It makes it confusing for you and anyone following your progress


Thanks. I will do just that. Makes sense.