The 5X World Champion New England Patriots


Yup I’m in …add me to list …were onto the next one…


I am a season ticket holder. Tried to jump on the bandwagon in 2002 but didn’t get tix until 6 years ago! I go to 3-5 games a year and share them out with the rest of the family! Good times!


Raiders beat Brady in AFC championship and finally get even for the tuck rule. Brady and Julian Edelman are both from the bay area in California you guys are lucky. No hate


Two fine football players.

Hate the NFL on the tuck rule. The Patriots didn’t make that call. The field representative of the NFL did. I’m glad I didn’t have to make that call. It may have went the other way.

Julian Edelman was a surprise pick for us since we grabbed him in the 6th. (If I remember we picked him in round 6). I didn’t realize how truly good he was till a few years later.

Lots of great football teams on the west coast. Looking forward to every game.

Good luck @SourD




This is my work station made signs myself

And pat patriot…


I love it @Gman753 @garrigan65


@bob31 looks like someone smeared sh*! On your wall… lol jk


Number six. Here we come.


I like the blitz for six. Good slogan.


Where the heck have you been @bruinsfan33


Hey, how’s it going? UPS winter hours. Sucking up all the OT I can. Come the spring back at it outside lol
What a season so far. Gronk looking good for Sunday.
Did you get picked for the SB drawing?


@bruinsfan33 I did not get picked. I wish they would send out an email saying you didn’t get picked though so I wouldnt be sitting here wondering if my spam folder caught it and deleted it… hahaha

I already have a pretty good vacation planned this spring so I wouldn’t be able to go anyway, unless I win a raffle or something.

And good deal on the OT. Gotta grab it when you can! My wife and I did our part to support UPS! oh boy did she ever! lol


I thought all you Pat’s fans would like this.


@ntmaremach This is fantastic @Willd and @bob31 really should check it out. Leonard Cohen’s hallelujah sang amen-dola LMAO

Thanks NMM


Gotta hand it to Mr Cohen RIP. The music alone is so powerful you can put any lyric over it and it still moves people to tears.
I’ve seen a few performers struggling to hold back tears while playing and or singing it
I don’t tend to cover other artists but I’m inspired now to lay down a my own treatment of this one for the Artistry Under the Influence topic.


@Willd You’re right on that, very powerful song.


Well my best effort so far is a ham handed wall of sound that ain’t cuttin’ it at best.