The 5X World Champion New England Patriots


I like college football too. I love it when Appalachia State kicks the butt of one of the big boys lol

I try to follow a lot of teams


That should be a good game! Hopefully we will get the Steelers here next year!


How about “The Steel Curtain” Of the 1970’s!?? Anyone?


They don’t make men like Ernie Holmes, Mean Joe Greene and Big L C


it all boils down to the game! not a particular team,or player, although some of both really stand out from the crowd.
team spirit, unity against a opposing team,bringing the cummunity together…
oohhhhh my knees!! lol


lol @southbound,that is stepping out on a limb!!!



Any Given Sunday!


We’ll see if my Whodat’s can show up on the 17th. I like our chances in the Thunderdome!


2017 NE Patriots Schedule


It’ll be funny when the “dolphins-bills-dolphins” games are your downfall :wink:



Last post til the 17th I think, but I think the Saints chances are pretty good. The last time we won we had an amazing defense. Offense has never been a problem. This year I think we can stop the deep ball again and pound some QB’s and RB’s in the backfield.


@Whodat66 man, I’m sad we lost AP, but y’all gained a great player/person (minus the lacerated testicle on his 2 year old )

That opening game should be fun! Skol Vikings!


The Vi-queens? Seriously??? :rofl:



Getting a flag pole for the house tomorrow!! Can’t wait for Thurs


Add me to the list of Massholes on the site. :slight_smile:


Couldn’t resist, but it’s probably bad for the Saints next week.


And if you want to know the real reason that people despise the Pats (and the Yankees) listen to the announcers when the Pats are winning, and when the other team is winning. Chris Collinsworth can kiss my ass.


@carlie @Gman753

Figured you might contribute to this thread. No hating on anyone tho! LOL