The 5X World Champion New England Patriots


Patriot said and browns fan
I get the best of both worlds.


I threw up on Steve Grogan in 1989, 5 years old. Signing autographs after a game dad was holding me. Guess I didn’t feel good. My dad worked for the Pats and knew Pat Sullivan. Went into the locker room and got all the autographs. Andre tippet, Tony Eason, Stanley Morgan and Brent Williams. Just some of the old names. Can’t say I remember, but got the football and Kodak’s lol


E A G L E S EAGLES baby ! It’s our year this year, says every eagles fan tho lol :joy:



I see by your online name that your a Bruin’s fan…I grew up watching Bobby Orr, Phil Especdo can’t spell his name and Derk Sanderson what a team they had back then.
By the way I grew up in Norwell, Mass



I see I wasn’t invited to this party. Elliot will be able to play against Giants but not sure if suspension will be over turned but if it is : We gonna give you a run for the money!!!
From Texas to You: How Bout Them Cowboys!!!


@Laurap @BIGE All are invited to participate! Even non-patriots fans! Room for all.

And now this part is not aimed at either of you guys Laura or E

I just don’t want any more nonsense. I have no tolerance for name calling or any of that.

That is my last warning.


That is a great story @bruinsfan33


Funny story- In around 1990 we went into one of the still popular local discount clothing stores like TJ Maxx or something along those lines and they had all sizes of NFL winter jackets. My two sons and I picked out jackets (Steelers, Cowboys and Dolphins) and never even considered the Patriots jackets…


Yes sir. Love my bruins. Getting a little hard right now, seems like Neely is just sitting on his hands lately. Looks like a rebuilding year.


Ah @bob31 you sound like an elementary school teacher :man_teacher:
Why don’t you just block everyone from this page that doesn’t love “your” team! :zipper_mouth_face:


@hillbilly103 You don’t have to love the patriots to post here. And you obviously don’t.

I just don’t want any mean spirited garbage or name calling and it already happened within the first five posts.

If thats a problem for you or anyone else, I encourage you to start your own topic about the team you support.

And you didn’t read my posts. I follow many teams, including the Falcons, Steelers, Cowboys, Colts, Bengals and even the Browns on occasion!


@bob31 burn a joint and relax
Life’s to short
And yes I read the whole page


Maybe we both should @hillbilly103


Working on it @bob31
I’m truly not trying to hijack any part of your page
Wish you well


Vikings fan here, but always enjoy a good football discussion!


Was a huge Marino fan growing up. Burlington coat factory. Got me a leather Miami dolphin jacket. Still have it.


My oldest son would only wear dolphins gear growing up, I think I still have one of his hats in the hall closet. @bruinsfan33

All fans are welcome! @NewMan I love watching the vikings.

I am a football fan in general and I have 3 different fantasy football teams.

I think back to when the games were only on locally if they sold out the stadium. So many times the Bengals would not be on tv. Thankfully they stopped that practice.

I also remember only being able to watch the game of the week…

Anyone else addicted to the NFL Redzone as much as I am? hahaha


Miami Dolphins “Perfect Season”


How bout that Alabama Crimson Tide and the toughest team in the NFL are the steelers


Can’t wait for week 14 Pats vs Steelers. Should be a good one. Taking my son to a WWE event that night. Will probably miss most of it.