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Pats acquire WR Phillip Dorsett from Colts for QB Jacoby Brissett
2:26 PM ET
Field Yates and Mike Reiss

The New England Patriots are trading quarterback Jacoby Brissett to the Indianapolis Colts for wide receiver Phillip Dorsett, a league source tells ESPN.

The Colts are uncertain about quarterback Andrew Luck’s status for Week 1 after offseason shoulder surgery. Scott Tolzien is expected to start if Luck isn’t able to play against the Los Angeles Rams.

The 5-foot-10, 185-pound Dorsett was a 2015 first-round draft choice of the Colts (29th overall). He has played in 26 regular-season games (seven starts), totaling 51 catches for 753 yards and three touchdowns.

While he fielded just two punts for the Colts over the last two seasons, that is likely a role the Patriots will explore with him after they lost receiver Julian Edelman and No. 2 returner Cyrus Jones to season-ending knee injuries this preseason.

Dorsett was one of the fastest players in the 2015 draft, having tallied 121 receptions for 2,132 yards and 17 touchdowns at the University of Miami. His 22.3 yards per catch average in his final two collegiate seasons was the most in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Dorsett’s tenure in Indianapolis didn’t unfold as projected based on his draft status. He was drafted by former general manager Ryan Grigson. When the Colts hired Chris Ballard as their new GM this year, Dorsett lost one of his primary backers in the organization.

As for Brissett, the Patriots selected him in the third round of the 2016 draft out of NC State. He started and played all 66 snaps in the team’s preseason finale against the Giants, going 28-of-39 for 341 yards, with four touchdowns and one interception. He also rushed for a touchdown. The Patriots have Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo ahead of Brissett on the depth chart, and while they kept three quarterbacks last year, the chance to add Dorsett at a dual position of need (receiver/returner) was obviously viewed as fair value by the club.

Brissett filled in admirably as a starter in the third game of the 2016 regular season when Brady was serving an NFL suspension and Garoppolo was lost to a shoulder injury. He led the Patriots to a 27-0 victory over the Houston Texans that day.

This is the second time this year the Colts and Patriots have completed a trade. The Colts traded tight end Dwayne Allen to the Patriots in the offseason.


I’m gonna dig around for some pictures of us trying to get the games in upta camp. Covering the pool right now but will post here hahahaha


Hey turd-corn, you must have missed @Whodat66. I have video of my boys making Tom cry. We only one once, but we’re 1-0.


Nice, great topic. Who let this guy in @Whodat66 lol


Haha upta camp! Being a midwesterner, I’d never heard the term until I heard Bob Marley’s comedy bit about it. It’s a real place…lol



I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and left in 89, just a week after the earthquake. That’s not why I left. Anyway, nothing does it for me more than the Niners during the Joe Montana years. We became very spoiled during that time. #16 now and forever :slight_smile:


That’s the way we feel in new england. My son hasn’t known a losing season yet lol


When you have no cable Upta Camp and you absolutely have to watch the Patriot’s game

Hey @SilentHippie I’ve got shirts, playing cards, sweat pants that all say Upta camp…Bob is a riot. His bit about showing up at the hill with his radio flyer to go sleddin’ with the fella’s is pure Maine Gold.

Kingfield, ME

Always a Favorite

A More permanent solution


Who exactly is this directed to? @Whodat66

@BobWags that was a team to be reckoned with back in the day! I grew up a Bengals fan, so I know what it is like to lose.


@Screwauger I can remember trying to listen to the games on the radio at deer camp, Northeast of kokadjo though game day was usually a travel day due to no hunting on Sundays!


what!! no tag @bob31???


now a patriots fan…there not winning the SB this year @bob31,believe that!! lol


hahaha I was gonna tag ya ! @BIGE


of coarse you are counting on the pats to go all the way…has any other team caught your eye @bob31?
i believe the prescot/macfadden combo will help cowboys,not sure about champs though…
atlanta another to watch
ny giants


I think Ezekiel Elliott suspension is gonna be tough for the cowboys to get around.

Any given Sunday @BIGE.

I do like dak Prescott for the cowboys… McFadden is a no brainier too.

I like the Steelers every year. But not sure they have enough juice this year.

Preseason is too hard to tell with all the players rotating in and out. Not really a good preview of season.

Ask me again next weekend. @bige after we’ve had a week to watch real games.

I agree on Atlanta and Giants too. Never underestimate the Giants…



I still have quite a few of those 49er games on VHS. I just need to find a place that sells VCRs. I have mainly playoff games and Super Bowls. I don’t even know if those tapes will play anymore. I don’t see why not.


I grew up a Pat’s fan and I to know what a losing team is…lol
That’s when Steve Grogan was quarter back…



Certainly wondered that myself @bob31


In the early 90s, don’t remember the exact year, I went to a Patriots vs Rams game on Christmas Eve and it was 5 degrees on the field. The stands were virtually empty so we sat about 5 rows back from the Pats bench.

I was with my niece’s boyfriend and his sister, he was about 15 years older than I and very typical Italian from Revere and what I mean by that is he was not afraid to let his feelings known. So he started the chant, “Berry must go! Berry must go!” That of course got everyone who was in the stadium, granted not many, chanting along with him. The whole Pats bench turned and looked at us, glaring, and as my niece’s boyfriend does not know when to stop he continued for an annoyingly long time. I got up and walked about 10 aisles to the right and about 20 rows up and sat alone not wanting to be beaten to a pulp.

We left the game at the beginning of the 4th quarter and by the time we got home the tv news had video tape of the crowd chanting, “Berry must go!” That was the last time I went to a Pats game. By the way, the Rams won that one.