The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


Thanks buddy means a lot


So many good testimonials here I am due for new glasses with all the reading. I am so happy to be part of the team and community we have here the members make our jobs so much easier everyone tries to share and support each other. I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun growing if not for the creativity and experimenting as well as knowledgeable feedback supported by everyone :slight_smile:
I don’t need to be thanked it’s enough just to be part of such a fun supportive forum :wink:

Merry Christmas


Thank you! I got to say I’m blown away by the quality of people and information that this site has. Not to mention all the awesome topics on the Forum. I hope you have yourself a nice holiday and a safe one. Thank you for the nice words.


We are struggling to pick 12 winners. Please be patient. Due to personal issues and the holidays we have not had the expedient communication we usually have in regard to staff conferencing and resolution. All but 2 of our staff have replied to pick the best 12 submissions.

I may split 3 prizes to allow all entries to get a prize. I have 12 prizes and 15 submissions by non-staff. Please be aware that I am working on it.


I don’t need a prize. You all helping me get the best out of my grows is prize enough.


No rush…Lots of great words to wade through :slight_smile: .

:skips off the the tune of Silver Bells:


Merry Christmas to my ILGM Family. Thanks for everyones sharing their path here. Quite a wonderful community!
Merry Christmas ILGM staff & Robert for giving us this forum & Many thanks for the Awesome Beans!!


Merry Christmas to each and everyone :heart:

@Laurap. That’s one cute pup!


Thanks, thats my boy!


Wife was on the urge of dying 13 years ago and I decided to grow to see if I could help her … :wink:
She’s still with me and stronger then ever… :wink: I luv her so much… :wink:
I decided that everybody should be able to access this medicine… :wink:
I’ve teemed up with ilgm and I’m making a big difference in people’s lives… :wink:
Much luv always… :wink:
Your fellow cultivator… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Wishing you & your misses a very Merry Christmas!


@garrigan65 thanks for your kind words they mean more than you know and thanks for all your input and knowledge you’ve shared with me from day 1
Its been a pleasure to meet and talk to all of you here
And im glad we have this wonderful community and im happy to be part of it
Merry Christmas to all of my friends here and the friends i have yet to meet here :v:️CB
Id also like to thank @latewood for allowing me to be part of the team
@Hogmaster and @Donaldj for all the help they have provided me since weve meet
And @bob31 for well being you brother
@Dumme looking forward to getting to know you as well


Thank you to all of you true human beings! :slight_smile:

I am so surprised that we only had 17 or so entries. On the other hand; I am so interested in all the submissions entered in the 12 days of Xmas essay contest.

We asked for you all to submit a testimonial on how ILGM, ILGM products, and or, how ILGM products could or have helped you. Some of you complied to our guidelines; However; 12 total entries did not comply whit our criteria.

We want all members who entered to be happy. We do not want to leave anyone out. On the other hand; We have to pick 12 submissions who will receive an Xmas gift from ILGM.

Finaists will be posted shortly. Lw :santa:


Hello all,

I trust you had a filling Xmas.

We narrowed the field to 14 winners. We have 8 winners of a $99 gift code to our shop, and 6 winners of a pack of Gold Leaf.

I have a Service tonight and Funeral for a friend who passed away last Friday. I will try to post our 14 prize winners by tomorrow.

Peace, lw


@latewood sorry to hear about your loss


Sorry for your loss @latewood. Saying good bye to a friend takes priority over everything.


I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend.


That’s just terrible news LW, especially so close to the Holiday’s. Take the time you need kind Sir.


So sorry for your loss. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your friends family.


My condolences to you sir. Thoughts and prayers