The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest



thank you for sharing your success story. It always makes me feel great when I learn that someone has gotten themselves off of sometimes useless pharmaceutical drugs.

Good luck with your continued grow success. :slight_smile:


We would like to thank you for being a productive member of our community.

When I meet people on the street and they ask me what I do; I tell them about how myself and my company, the staff, and great members help out people like you. It warms my heart to hear that someone can function happily after 30 years of pain and anguish. :+1:



We are certainly glad you have found relief using Cannabis, andbeen able to find the guidance you needed to grow successfully. :slight_smile:



Thanks for all the contributions you have made within the community. :slight_smile: lw



What a sweet story. Once again; People like you in need of relief from pain and pharmaceutical drugs, is why I do what I do. Thank you for providing a need for forums like ILGM that not only provide great genetics, ILGM provide a place for communing the soul, and I am glad you have fond us. :slight_smile:


That statement sums it up nicely @latewood



Well done! Perfect marketing material, lol

I appreciate the mention the overall friendly atmosphere here at iLGM, and of the how new growers are treated here. It is not always easy to provide perfect harmony when you have 1000’s of page views a day.

BTW, and/or FYI; We had over 882,000 page views here at ILGM last month. Down a little bit…


Thanks for the kind words. I ran communities and / or moderated at many forums over the past 13+ years. None of the forums had the feeling we have achieved here.

It is getting hard to say anything more than; “Thanks”. Thanks for proving to the entire W3 that we can have a community that helps each other in an appropriate manner, compromising for the betterment of the community, and if someone does not want to participate in our Karma; We invite them to move on. :slight_smile:


Oh “Brother”

That had to hurt! We see it in the movies and I have known a person or 2 who got careless or was the victim of a careless carpenter with a “frikkin” framing gun. Holy crap!!!

I am so glad to see you have survived. Thanks for sharing. It is remarkable to constantly hear of people’s success stress. All the different ailments, afflictions, etc…Or; In this case; A nail in the head. :grimacing: Please be advised; I am not making light of your incident but, I do feel it is important to use a bit of comic relief now and then.

Peace my brother. Keep hanging in there :santa:


Its one of those wtf things. The injury was the easy part, all issues health and legal that came with 15yrs of abusing opiates. Bc of the i never take pain meds for anything. Just smoke for pain, or my shine if its too much. Weed helps with all that, helped with sobriety but its more then that gardening is an outlet for me. My plants and gardens give me things to focus on and a way to unwind .


I hear ya brother I hear ya…


Thanks ernie,

You once again bring up the friendly community.

3 years back when Robert and I discussed forum policy and the vision of the future of the way ILGM would function; We came to the conclusion that we needed to expand the forum to allow you all; “The new age older mature grower”, to have a place to hang out at. :wink:

I recognized that most of you did not have strong computer skills and did not really want to go to a whole bunch of forums whereas, you were treated like imbeciles.

So; I added the members lounge and got some great members to start social threads in order to allow you all some comfort all in 1 place. I am so glad that feel we hit the mark. :slight_smile:



Glad you made it. It is always nice to find someone influenced by their family and supported as your Father did for you. My father is very supportive of my involvement in the Cannabis community, and that sure makes it easier to have open conversations. Sorry to hear about your “fascist” ex employer.


Im quite a character, Lol


Thanks @latewood And thanks for hearing from you. I hope you have a wonderful xmas and and a happy new year. Mine has gotten alot better just this morning. I heard from my baby brother for the first time in years. I have spent the last hour just crying because it is so emotional for me to finally hear from him. Especially this time of year. I have been trying to find him for months and months. Trying to track him down. I finally got a phone number of one of his kids and was able to leave a message for him to call me. He did, finally. I couldnt have a better present. I was afraid he wasnt with us any more. I have my brother back.


I woke up this morning suddenly anxious about one of my best friends that I have not seen in years. He was a severe alcoholic and I imagine him passed. I also have not heard from brother in years but, he only lives an hour away.

Life sucks sometimes,and then there is Sunshine Peace



Thanks for you submission. It is great to have someone mention the savings over a period of time they had because they were able to grow successfully. We are glad to be here for you.

Glad to have you here at ILGM, lw :slight_smile:


BEST Christmas gift ever. I’m so happy for you and your brother :hugs::heart:️:heart:️


My story:

I was a sad sprout that grew from bag weed
So I put in an order for some ILGM seeds
They came on a plane and over by mail
Less than ten days, amazing as hell
I got them ready and put them in dirt
I figured about three months would work
They sprouted quick and grew real strong
The best plants I’d ever seen were coming right along
A month went by and I was so impressed
The plants looked as if they couldn’t be stressed
At the two month mark her flowers were growing
So coated with trikes you’d swear it was snowing
Harvest was imminent as three months approached
Thank God cuz I was down to my last roach
I cut them down for dry and cure
So sticky and stinky this was great bud for sure
These awesome seeds made me way more clever
Which is the reason I’ll be an ILGM customer forever :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope one of you guys win, I was just having fun
Merry Christmas everyone


That sounds amazing. Congratulations and enjoy your holidays. Thank you for sharing good news. It goes a long way for lots of people.
I hope that everyone and anyone who is missing someone either physically, mentally, or spiritually I hope you find them and or I hope they come back to you. Best wishes to everyone.