The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


You’re so very welcome :hugs:


You are most welcome @Smokin_ernie


So happy to hear you have found some relief from the anxiety with MJ @Smokin_ernie. Thanks for sharing your story with us.


@AnneBonny thanks. I still take prescription for the anxiety but it would be a lot worse. It is getting better.


Hey @latewood is there a particular time that a winner is announced or are you emailing them?


I will preface everything I write by stating that thanks to loving parents, a great family, a loving wife (an understanding wife!) and a general great group of people that surround me and really care about me is how I got here.
My father, God bless him, feels the worst about my condition more than anyone else, I think. He was doing research for me when he came across your site and began forwarding me all the great stuff your website provided. For over a year I was a passive watcher/reader until I joined your site about 1 or 2 days ago.
I committed to joining this site and only this site because of the consistent quality of responses by members and the people who run the website. not only are they/you all extremely knowledgeable but you’re willing to share that knowledge in a kind, patient, and polite manner. It is also refreshing to know and to be able to talk and read from people who are in situations like myself. It’s just nice to be able to relate to people in similar situations such as myself when dealing with chronic pain and that also share in this amazing “hobby” (for lack of a better word. it’s so much more important than that to me) of growing this life-changing plant.
About 11 years ago following mysterious migraine headaches, radiating pain from my neck, vertebrae, my neck muscles, and extreme nerve pain from my elbows through my fingertips on my hands, I went through a litany of tests and appointments with various kinds of doctors. They found ( after a long time of looking) that I had a bone spur growing from my C5 vertebrae into my spinal column. I also had four fully ruptured discs and two bulging discs, which pushed on and crushed a bunch of nerves in my spine. After a long surgery (I am now all plates and screws from C4 to C7, with the C5 being removed) and an even longer recovery, physical therapy, etc. I still feel extreme pain in my hands which goes from blister burns like you bumped your hand in the oven, to long needles that feel like they’re poking out of the fingertips of my skin. The bones in my neck feel like little burning charcoal briquettes all the time. They’re actually tender to the touch just like my hands .
I’ve been placed on all kinds of medicine from opiates to muscle relaxers. some helped some haven’t. I tried everything from sensory deprivation chambers all the way to acupuncture, but no matter what the consistent thing was that the pain always persevered over everything else.
I found medical marijuana as more of a last resort to see if it could help. Afterall, I would try (and have tried) anything to get this pain to shut off. While it hasn’t helped to turn off any of the pain in my body, stop the headaches that I have etc, I can also say that the traditional classic prescription medicine hasn’t shut it off either. BUT what medical marijuana is giving me ( and something that no pill has ever done!) is a better more positive outlook on my life along with no adverse or ill side effects like I found from my prescriptions.
Years ago I had bad thoughts about my situation and how my life has turned out. So many plans for the future that instantly went to pot (pun intended ha) knowing that they cannot ever be filled, etc. After all nobody plans or wants anything like this. I know I didn’t ask for it! I lost my job ( fired for using medical marijuana after they told me it was acceptable. Morally corrupt humans. The 2 HR people that told me I could use it both denied saying it in a meeting with the company. Lesson learned. get everything in writing). Though I lost my job I do not regret it one bit. The benefits using medical marijuana outweighs anything else. Plus who wants to work for a compassion less company? I put myself through so much physical pain trying to go into work each day that it was disgusting. I have now come to terms with the fact that I cannot work or do much of anything else that I used to do. I lost friends that were close to me, i cant travel. I’ve lost a lot of things over all of this physical and emotional trauma, just like everyone else on this site who deals with medical problems.
Growing marijuana not only gives me a hobby and something to think about, other than my constant pain, but it gives me a better mindset and day to day view of my life and how i can fit in to this world. And under no uncertain terms I cannot imagine my life without medical marijuana. Sure it doesn’t solve all the problems but it sure does help. And it definitely does not make anything worse. To anyone who ever thought about trying it all I can say is please do try it! It helps. it really does! it can do so many different things for so many different people. to anyone who criticizes or takes a stance against the way any of us decide to live our lives or how we decide to treat our pain within our own bodies should walk a mile in someone’s shoes who has chronic pain. They will never look at the world the same way again.
Thank you and thanks to all of you in the I love growing family! I appreciate all the information you have shared and how you made me feel welcome on this site. You have got a lifelong member in me. thanks to all of you who are compassionate and understanding to what I’m talking about. It makes the world a better place for people who have a harder time in life . all I can say to those of you that don’t have chronic pain just be compassionate and patient with the people around you that do. We’re good people. we just have a hard time some days with life.


Welcome to the forum @neckNflu. I am very sorry to hear the situation that brought you here but am happy you found us! One day at a time is my mantra! Hang in there.


You are a shining example of this website! It’s exactly that. It’s people like you that make this site so valuable to people like me. It is such a wonderful Community. I am blown away by all you guys. And thank you for your nice words. I agree 100% one day at a time is all we can do. Thank you again I really appreciate you and the whole forum in general. Thank you.


All god things must end…at least until next year. Submissions of testimonials and essays will close tonight at Midnight EST.

Thanks to all of you that participated. Now! Let’s see what we have here. Peace, and Happy Holidays :slight_smile:


Your idea to create a forum for people to talk to each other who have similar situations and different ones, is so unique/cool. Haha Thank you latewood for your compassion and understanding. I can tell from this site and by posts started such as this one that this site is unique and special. People like you/ and the good people at I love growing make the world a better place. Trust me every little bit from everyone on here helps. And that is a wonderful thing.


Very nice essay on the values of ILGM. I am glad you perceive the policies and rules as viable tools for a friendly community. After being insulted by a member once in a while that calls us cheaters and other inappropriate names; It is nice to see that out methodology is on point. Thanks, lw



Glad to hear from a Veteran. Love the positive vibe! :slight_smile:


You guys are doing a fantastic job. Don’t let anybody else tell you different. I don’t understand people that act like that. We’re all humans and we should all be given respect. Keep up the good work. This website is excellent and you guys are doing a great job. Thank you for all your help and advice over the past year or so before I was even a member. I regret not joining sooner but I’m happy that I’m here now. Thanks


@latewood thank you sir! This site continues to amaze!!!


I’m sorry I realize that wasn’t directed at me but I think it’s important for people who put in hard work into something should know that their hard work has paid off. Thanks for all you guys do on the site



Thanks for the testimonial. It is great to hear that you are functioning much better after using MMJ. Peace, lw




It is great to hear relief from alcohol is attributed to Cannabis. I suffer from the same disease as you. Separated 16 months, drinking too much and getting fat. Thanks for your wake up call! :smiley:


A H baby,

We are so glad to have created a Sanctuary for you and liked minded individuals. That is what I had in mind when I was handed the opportunity to expand ILGM.

Thank you for that enlightened and entertaining rant :wink: lw


Laura P,

Thank you for that simple testimonial. I found it somewhat hilarious…“Chunky Monkey” :smiley:


my testimonial…

Insomnia, Anxiety, depression… These are the things that keep me awake at night. But that is not what brought me here to ILGM. Financial distress is what first brought me here. Yes, the people in this fine state I am in, stuck in the stone ages, refuse to see the benefits of this fine plant. Making the prices for meds an expensive one. So I took a chance on some website I found one day, and bought some seeds. And who would of thought I would not only find some great meds waiting to be grown, but find a community of like minded people. We are all here for various reasons, and varying illnesses. And this is where I feel a tinge of guilt, because bottom line is, any medical benefits aside, I just love to get high. Just an added bonus that the forums have become another escape from the evil idiots of the world. After two successful grows, I have saved over $3000 on meds alone. And found a few people I would consider more than just a poster on a thread, but as a friend…

And that is my story, or lack there of. So here is to many more grows, and many more bean orders. And to all of you out there, Have a wonderful holiday season, and stay medicated…