The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


@Laurap, @Covertgrower, @AnneBonny, @Ozzymomma1, @Familyman420, @rodri59, @70sChick, @SmoknGranny: reading your testimonials brought tears to my eyes (and I’m a big manly man).

I look forward to seeing what is happening in all of your lives and I too appreciate the sanctuary this space offers. Covert grower I’m not that far ahead of you and I see you starting to mentor people and doing it well!

My grief and sorrow rise up in me (I once said I’m a connoisseur of grief) but I’m far from alone here. We’re all damaged by the Universe having it’s way with us and it’s healing to share.

Like all of you I appreciate the energy that is present here and all of you are responsible for that. I love you all.

I’m not religious per se: I guess I am Asatruar if I’m anything. So I can’t really say God bless. But the feeling is there.


Ive come in contact with some beautiful people, you included.


Maybe once I was. Nice of you to say so.


Thanks but I haven’t really done a “testimonial” per se. I’m more of a little “cheerleader” here. Although you say that YOU are not religious, I have found you to be very spiritual and a good person. :hugs:


@Myfriendis410 I enjoy the ability to assist people that need guidance On their grow. I can say after making the decision on growing my perspective has changed significantly in the fact that this can be used medicinally. My migraines have subsided, I dont know why, but obviously cannabis did something. Which is funny the migraine medication prescribed doesn’t prevent, only treat. I’m not the best, but I appreciate the kind words, I only hope to have half as much experience and advice as some on here one day! We all walk through different paths of life and face challenges, cannabis helps with some of those challenges as well as help us medically.


That’s so very true :+1::clap:t2:


@rodri59 @Familyman420
Thanks fir sharing your stories both are powerful
And ill admit got me a little choked up


You still are, it comes with the name.


Me too, I’ll sit here with @SmoknGranny waving my pompoms and cheering all these great testimonials.


I don’t usually hug guys, I find it a bit…weird, but I would hug you if I could, and I wouldn’t feel weird at all about it…and not just cause we share the same WEIRD name.


I am so happy to witness the fact that we will actually have to judge this contest. Awesome entries so far. I will read them all at once…errr I mean paste them into my text to voice software. Thanks all! Happy Holidays.

Get some more entries in people!


There but for the Grace of God … while I have my own trials & tribulations I am in awe of what & how others have & are going through. I gain strength from others and try to pass it on :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the Santa avatar @latewood Ho, Ho, Ho!


@latewood is there a way to bump this thread so we can get some more participants?!?!


You could copy the link and mention it in the garden topic!


@bob31 im not sure how to actually do that via phone, but it looks like you may have tagged it to the garden when @latewood first created the contest. Hopefully we get some more entries. Righ now I think there are barely 12


My testimonial;

I am 46 years old and still can remember the first time I smoked. I was 19 and in college. We smoked out of a tiny wooden pipe. The weed looked like dirt. Don’t recall even getting high but I knew it was something I would try again and again. Pretty much since that day I have been a pot head and love it. It has always treated me good even in times of my depression. Today I still suffer from depression and anxiety. It is a struggle most days to do anything especially getting ready for work. I stand in my kitchen for hours sometimes arguing with myself or just trying to make a decision. MJ really makes my day much more functional. Even thou I have smoked a long time it wasn’t until I found ILGM and Robert’s fine seeds. That I became an educated pot head on the different strains. I knew that there were different effects of different strain but the black market doesn’t have the nice explanation of the strain like on this site. The forum has been a savior for me. Not only informative but friendly folks as well. I can come here and not be judged. There are so many like mind people here. I don’t feel alone. I feel like I belong. Now I am able to pick the strain that is right for me. Not new to gardening plants but new to growing MJ. I am going to be on my third grow. I have come a long way. With great genetics and ample help. I am able to grow good no great clean weed! I have ordered twice without any issues. I have visited everyday since I have joined and it is as regular as the morning coffee.


@Smokin_ernie Beautiful writing. IMO you’re an asset here and I’ve come to like & respect you :hugs::heart:


Great story @Smokin_ernie


Thanks @SmoknGranny @70sChick !! Very sweet of both of you!! Very much appreciated