The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


Thanks for sharing you’re story @AnneBonny :v::sunglasses:


@SmoknGranny You have the same problem as @AnneBonny and as I do as do others here on the forum. This is why sharing our stories here as we can and do makes a huge difference in all of our lives. Talking about problems seems like it would not help but it does. It helps relieve stress and will ultimately show that you are not alone which also helps your health.

Since I first joined this forum and began reading and then contributing my metal health as well as my physical health has shown improvement. Not alot, but it has been noticable to me and even to my family. We all help each other in so many ways, not just by helping with our mj grows though that is important. We help each other live.

Since I became friends with you @SmoknGranny and @Alton66 and @bob31 and many others my outlook on life has turned around. You guys have made such a difference to me. If I could go around and give each of you a hug I would do so. And then fly you down for a visit and a fishing trip.
I cant but wish I could. You guys just mean that much to me.
Sorry if I have gotten all emotional here, but reading here and all the stories and realizing just how much you mean to me, its hard not to.

I wish all of you very happy holidays for you and yours and hope the next years are better for you all.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :christmas_tree:


Thank You @cyberblast I’m glad you (and everyone here) joined the forum and it has been a pleasure helping you and anyone else who needs it. I have made a lot of new friend here and we sure could have one heck of a New Years Bash!


Thanks for the kind words @Ragnar @SmoknGranny @Laurap @70sChick


Thanks my friend. I feel the same :heart:️:hugs:


I don’t think that YOU realize how much you have inspired me and others here :hugs::heart:


Warning: What you see here in this post, can never be unseen…just sayin…

Rodri’s effort at writing a well-thought out, coherent and meaningful testimony to ILGM…

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy.

These words were repeated to me on, what sometimes felt like, a daily basis in my youth by my parental units. My parents were of the “Camelot” generation and JFK was just this side of God in those days. I always tried hard to live by these words in my adult life and truthfully, I failed many times. The journey I have been on the last few years of my life moved this quote more and more to the forefront.

I am an older woman (I said OLDER… not old, or oldest…just…older) who’s once youthful and vibrant body decided it was time to exact a toll for all the things I heaped upon it in my youth. My arrogant thought process, although irresponsible and reckless, was one that many of the youth even today, hold as their own: “I am indestructible.” Well, I wasn’t…it just took a few years for the abuse to show up.

When I turned the ripe old age of 40, it seemed that my body decided that enough was enough. I also became a widow in my early 40’s. “Rodri, what has that got to do with cannabis?” you might be asking. Just this: Until then I could count on my right hand the number of times I had been to a doctor (other than pregnancy related). The mind-body connection came screaming at me full force. I now see a doctor every 3 months, come rain or shine. Suffering through grief and the resultant depression from losing my husband just amplified the medical issues I began to suffer from.

That amplification of diseases and symptoms never really went away….

I suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease and sciatica, severe insomnia, diabetes, early onset dementia and if that is not enough, lets top it all off with a big ol’mess of menopause (and for you men reading I will not force you to suffer through the list of issues associated with this particular right-of-passage, but ladies…you know right?) Lucky me! I hit the quintfectra! Then there is the diabetes medication which causes anorexia and gastroparesis, and there you go! Everything you want to know about a middle-aged woman’s health, but were too afraid to ask (and probably regret even thinking about asking at this moment.)

In my journey back to something resembling health and happiness, I have taken nearly every medication for the ailments I now suffer with little to no help from them. Oh! And lets not forget the myriad of side effects that put the chronic disease I was trying to treat to shame. This was about the time that cannabis was coming into the light (from a very dark decades long past). Scientists and researchers were slowly turning their eyes to the benefits that the once “deadly, gateway” drug it had been known for. A few states were even starting to endorse it and even legalize it in some form or another (standing ovation ensues).

Research on the positives of using cannabis started to filter down to the common man via the WWW.
Many of those benefits filled in the missing puzzle pieces for me in my research on what could help me live a relatively normal, well-rested, coherent and pain-free existence.

After experiencing the effects of cannabis (through street supply,) I realized this path was definitely the one I needed to explore more thoroughly, but the supply available on street corners in the seedier parts of the city, many times left me wanting more, or as in the case of price, less. Then the fentanyl scare raised its very ugly head and I knew I could not buy off the street any longer.

My very long and extensive research led me to the I Love Growing Marijuana website and nearly 6 months ago my order was placed for seeds that I felt could help my specific issues. Ordered were Northern Lights, Strawberry Kush, Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze, Chocolope and Gold Leaf.

The process from website to ordering to shipping to receiving was seamless and a very positive experience; I received my order within 10 days without any issue at all. I live in a very anti-cannabis state in the US so if anyone was going to have issues with purchasing seeds, shipping and/or receiving this sort of package, it would be me. I also tend to have the worst luck in the world, but not this time, seeds arrived as ordered with no problem.

Already completely impressed with the process at ILGM, I stumbled onto the forums here. Wow.

Now remember my research was long and arduous, so of course I have stumbled on several grow forums. To say I was completely disillusioned and VERY apprehensive about joining any of these so-called forums is an understatement. On those other forums those who seemed to be knowledgeable in the growing and caring of cannabis also appeared to be the most hateful. Time after time I watched as a “newbie” grower was sliced and diced for, what seemed to be, the pleasure of the “slicer” and the audience who happened to be witness after said newbie dared ask a simple question.
So when I found the ILGM forums, of course, I expected the same sort of circus. NOT SO.

The men and women (both experts and every day growers) who come to the ILGM forums are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. They come from just about every corner of life and are as down-to-earth as you can get. More importantly, they welcome “newbie” growers with open arms and are more than willing to share their expertise in a gentle confident way.

With the help of these kind gentle men AND women (yes ladies, we are also welcomed and encouraged at ILGM), I just completed my first grow. ANY problem (and I mean ANY) they were willing to help with and hold my hand as I fretted over the few issues I had.

The seeds I received from ILGM were top-shelf quality and my germination rate is at 90% (it would be 100% but I did something that most newbie growers tend to do – I over watered my seedling) It was too late for my baby plant, but I learned, discussed with the forum and learned more after posting what happened.

The product I harvested is some of the best marijuana I have ever had, without question. ( 7 plants). And the best part? Aside from the obvious relief of symptoms, I know EXACTLY what is going onto my cannabis including the soil it was grown in and the water it drinks from!

To date I have to say that of the 6 strains I ordered, all 6 have uber high marks in my book for the relief they bring to me medically and, of course, the social aspect is there and brings a lot of comic relief to my family as they watch me attempt to explain why there are no “B” batteries.

The whole process from start (navigating the ILGM website) to finish (putting my product into my daily health regimen) was extraordinarily simple, streamlined and the whole of ILGM is supportive and encouraging.

You will NOT find a better site both in quality of product and quantity of help given. I am well-known for my unique ability to kill any living plant within 2.4 sq miles just by thinking about caring for it. With the product that ILGM provides, along with the help the forums and the site itself offers, growing marijuana is nearly as fool proof as you can get-even for a black thumb, plant-destroyer like myself.

The product that ILGM delivers is beyond compare and the shipping is crazy easy, but for me, the real heart and soul of the site are the experts and everyday growers who treat your grow like their own.

Bravo ILGM.


Beautiful testament. Its hard losing a loved one. Ive been widowed three times & doesnt get easier.


Once again your eloquence and humor leaves me almost speechless :no_mouth: Bravo :clap:t2:


@Laurap thank you ladies :heart:


@VelcroThumb Wow! I swear u read my mind! I feel the same way. EXACTLY! This forum is amazing! Everytime I had a question for Google I always ended up on ILGM forum. I creeped for so long before I decided it was time to join and check things out! Now. Everyday I come here to chat, ask questions, see how peeps are doing. I wake up excited to jump on here and read everyone’s updates and share mine. Everyone is so amazing, friendly and helpful. And so thankful if u help them. I wish all forums could be like this. It’s nice to be able to post a picture and ask for help and not be made to feel like your dumb. This place and everyone in it had made me feel empowered, confident and just all around happy :slight_smile: Thank you to everyone that has made this forum possible and the way it is today!


:+1::heart:️ I’m with you on everything you said!


So im in my mid 30’s and have almost 7yrs sober from opiates, thanks to cannabis. Back in 2004 i was on a job building a house and was shot with a 16penny nail in the top of the head. Counter-sank the nail over 3" into my brain. They put me in an induced coma during wich time my brain swelled and they couldn’t wake me for 90 days. They told my family I had a 3% chance to live and at best i’d be a vegetable basically. After waking up i had to re learn a few things but with in a year of coming home i was back to semi-normal, with one major change i had been prescribed tons of opiates for a long time. We all know what comes next… I had a huge bad habit that quickly became a herion addiction when the doctors abruptly ended my pain management bc i fail a drug test for THC. No rehab to detox just cut them off. After 12yrs of running my life into ground i met my daughters mom and found out i was having a baby girl. So it was time to get sober up? I entered out patient and got into a methadone clinic(after failing in rehabs more then 10x).but atleast i was semi sober off street drugs when my baby girl and love of my life was born. After a few years clean it was time to start coming off the methadone, during which time i was diagnosed with PTSD and R.A. , well that was 7years ago and im still working on coming off the methadone, its been a slow painful process. Even 2mg a week was enough i throw up and and im sick everymorning, but i have a family and still need to go to work. Cannabis helps make my taper possible. After 7years there is light at the end of my tunnel, i am sober, working,and have been out of the legal system for over 6yrs. And im now 100% HEP C free. I was blessed with an amazing family and have 2 healthly happy kids and a wife that is the most amazing person I’ve ever met . Less then a year and ill be off methadone completely. Smoking helps me deal with pain, and sleep longer stretches at night. It also helps me be able to eat when im sick and have no appetite. Now Im married with a daughter and son and the best wife in the world. I have a beautiful family and i love my life again. Cannabis also helps me fight threw my struggles with PTSD. I tried a whole mountain of presciptions from a shrink, none of them worked and they all had crazy side effects. After a few years of not growing and paying out the butt for semi decent smoke i started working for some one who was an outdoor cultivator and grew way danker smoke then i was paying top $ for, not too many conversations on the long rides to and from job sites and i had the growing itch and my gears were spinning. He had used ILGM seeds since he moved to the east coast, so i gave ILGM a try. With the improvements on autos since last time i grew i decided to give the white widow autos a try, 100% success rate! Healthy great plants good genetics, easy payments, Top notch customer service shipping to us, all those things are hard to find in illegal states. Then ILGM has the forum here, and just like the kind of business they run its legit. Full of great people who are always willing to help and give advices.I’ve gotten so much help and support from people, made my first grow in years a success, I was treated so well it makes me wanna help other people. Plus No drama, pretty solid advice, friendly people, not sure how many of y’all tried other seed banks, other forums ,but i surfed and watched a few until I felt comfortable and ILGM is one of a kind. I am grateful for the qualitly genetics and amazing smoke and chatting with friends who are all into the same kind of things. I am currently growing whitewidow autos with amenisa haze on the way, and im smoking superskunk great for pain and to help sleep and strawberry kush is always great but is the best in the morning as soon as I wake up. Makes simple things like coffee and breakfast possible and helps me get moving when im stiff,in pain and sick in the mornings. Strawberry kush is very mold resistant and has very little pest problems. Great outdoors even on eastcoast decent producer. Even beginners can easily pull a half pound a plant.! And the wwa has been a pleasure to grow.1512244430357-1582325480|281x500
This is a picture of a picture of the original cat scan. Sorry for low quality, its an old picture.
Thank you I💘GM, Good luck everyone and happy holidays!


As I read these testimonials, I’m 100% certain that we all can and do help each other in so many more ways than we truly know. It’s such a rare thing to have so many different people who “just get” whatever you may be struggle with. Without fear of drama, without fear of someone want/trying to “hook up” with you. I :heart:GM is a God send for me. I’m so proud to just be a part of this group. You’ll never truly know just how much you all mean to me and buck3. You are family to us. :v:
I pray God blesses each of you.


Thanks sweetie. I also am thankful for meeting you and @Buck3 as well as others here. :hugs::heart:


Thank you @SmoknGranny :heart::v::seedling:


@Familyman420 Thanks for sharing your story with us. It’s simply amazing that you survived your injury and the subsequent trouble it brought you. It takes a very strong person to get through what you did so be proud of that everyday. Stay the course my friend and know that we are shouting encouragement for your continued success.


Well written as always @ridri So happy that you have been able to find relief.


Awww thank you AB :heart:


Well said @70sChick. I agree