The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


@Myfriendis410 congrats on being opioid free! Ive never needed or used, but i have had many, many friends affected by legal and illegal use. Good to see people are starting to see the medicinal side of mj. Big Pharma is too invested in MJ remaining illegal!


My testimonial:

My whole life turned upside down almost three years ago to the day. That was the day my marriage dissolved. It had been an ugly, loveless relationship for a long time, and I had developed quite an unhealthy drinking habit. Living in Wisconsin at the time, no one really raised their eyebrows at the fact that I was drinking half a bottle of bourbon a night.
Things didn’t get better when I moved out of the house as far as the drinking was concerned. Mostly it didn’t impact the rest of my life – I still did my job, still paid my bills, still ate and kept my apartment livable. The ways that being a “functioning” alcoholic (which is essentially how I acted) affected me was primarily in my health. I gained 50 pounds. I didn’t get quality sleep. I stopped working out. I made poor food decisions. I didn’t have any real joy; I just masked it with drunkenness.
Luckily, I met a great woman who is now my true partner in life. I moved to MA after a year of long distance dating with her, got an apartment, and lived there for a year while we tried to figure out how to merge our lives together. Lo and behold, last year before the election it looked pretty certain that recreational marijuana was going to be legalized where I live, so I started looking into and “found a guy.” I literally used cannabis for the first time around 18 months ago. I decided that I would make the switch to weed and give up alcohol. What happened over the next 12 months was pretty amazing.
I lost the weight I put on. I got back in the gym. I started a new job. I built a house. I got engaged. I still drink here and there but almost exclusively as a function of my work related social life, and not as a function of how I actually live my life. Like others, I don’t have any physical ailments that drove me to weed. But I did (do?) have some emotional ones that certainly did.
When I decided I was going to start growing once it was legalized, I did what most people do and went to the Internet for answers. I found the ILGM site. I didn’t know one strain from another – I had just smoked whatever I bought and I never even knew what it was called. I didn’t know what medium to grow in or anything. I came to the ILGM forums and read through a bunch of forum posts, then read through whatever I could on the site to inform myself. The amount of easily digestible information available from ILGM to start growing marijuana is exceptional! I decided to buy some ILGM feminized Crystal seeds for my first go at it and set up a whole hydro system.
Needless to say I made a lot of mistakes on that grow. Too many plants, not enough light, mismanaged nutrient levels, etc. But through my foibles my plants showed they had the genetics to withstand every hurdle I threw at them, and I yielded just under 5oz of ILGM Crystal bud that is every bit as strong as advertised. During that grow, I came to the ILGM forums for help and received polite, fast and well informed answers to my questions. I was impressed enough that I joined Bergman’s Lab when that grow was done.
Like most new growers I’ve spent a lot of time going through the internet, reading forum posts, etc. We are all always trying to find our own answers via other people’s experiences. Lots of other places have forums and blogs and all that. But none of them have the culture that ILGM has fostered. I’m a customer for life!


@Bogleg Great to have ya here bro!


I can’t help but notice that the theme is one of community helping each other here :+1: as well as personal growth.


You fit right in and I look forward to your posts. Nicely written. I’m glad cannabis helped.


@Laurap here is the topic I was referring to.


Crazy as it may be but now some of my closest friends ive never met as they are all here. If i had the $ id send everyone a ticket to come to texas for the biggest party ever! Promise i can put on a party & get the whole hill involved. Got dogs, horses, fainting goats (stoned theyre so funny), moonshine, weedies & a Big love for yall!!!


I’m in lol :joy: you guys all rock it makes my day every time I look in and see the happiness so awesome :sunglasses:


So I want to start by saying, that I’m very thankful for this website, and the honor it is to be included in such a tight knit community to bring the love we all share for cannabis. Cannabis for my life has been a rough journey; only because someone says it’s illegal in my geographic location. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I post this essay with much hate and love. It’s how I am. I have bi-polar disease, as well as severe headaches and back pain from a car accident and head trauma. Since then, I haven’t gotten a doctor to believe me I cured myself with cannabis, becuase I haven’t told them, and well really because the state I live in doesn’t appear to accept cannabis as recreational, yet. Until I found ILGM, it has turned my life around for the better! A member here made me concerned becuase his personal life was messing with his neurological mindset. He was stating that he has to delete his account because it is not legal to grow in his state, yet. So I can relate to him but not really. This is my home from Home. I admit this is probably the only place I go to so I can be myself, and where I can relate to so many great people; who only want the best for everyone. Lately everyone around me (everywhere I go) has been selfish and judges me for my own opinions. I don’t talk to anyone, I don’t have social media becuase it is all full of fakes. This is honestly where I feel safe besides doing something that is “considered illegal becuase some politicians said so.” Murder/rape/burglary those things are illegal. Growing a plant to smoke is not…The only person you can trust is yourself. Believe that your better and it will become better. This site has helped me do exactly that. To become stronger mentally. I don’t live in a legal state, but that doesn’t change anything. It’s not a crime in my eyes to grow a plant given from “GOD” himself. (Hold on about thoughts of GOD for now) Just because some politician says it’s illegal and on the schedule 1 drug list doesn’t make it true. The FDA regulates everything. Don’t fall victim to the justice system and don’t fall victim to your own demons. Your better than that. I hate this current situation of “limbo” from the single state government all the way up to the federal level. This site has made me open my eyes about everything. People forget that the FDA (federal drug administration) created synthetic drugs that are prescribed to people everyday, and their side-effects could be harmful. Talk about the FDA regulating cigarettes!! Those people who fall victim to that are just guinea pigs to the FDA. Let’s pull out the theory threads one more time! Maybe if the feds read those for us they can suck a fatty and get off to it, becuase they know they are wrong. People could potentially die from those chemicals or worse, suffer a slow but painful death. Which is exactly what is happening to everyone who smokes or smoked cigarettes. That’s what I have been victim of; a slow but painful death. I am diagnosed with many problems but I won’t go on about them they aren’t important. What’s important is the knowledge I have gained from such a positive and upbeat website to educate and spread the wealth of the growing industry. I grow for myself and myself exclusively. It’s not a crime to take care of your well being; to continue a steady quality of life. It’s called living. You aren’t an animal, we all have feelings.

Think of it this way. When the first mammals walked the earth, I can guarantee you there were fields of marijunana everywhere just like fruits and vegetables we have today. Plants evolved just like we did. No one thinks about it, but what made you think they would just survive without any shelter/food. They moved around a pattern of migration. The first bi-peddler mammals were once apes. Monkeys and apes once ruled the world; separated species and apes were dominant (dawn of the planet of the apes) then they started walking on two feet. Yes I believe in GOD and evolution. The Big Bang, It’s true. Mammals just moved where the food was, the plants grew in the warmer climates and migrated from there on. Thank you Mother Nature, or what is called “the weather” hahaha don’t get me started about analyzing anatomy and how life was created either. Pollination and migration just naturally grew the plants we have the priceless privilege to grow what we have today. :wink::thinking: I also thank Robert Bergman for his dedication of his life to such a beautiful selection of genetics.

Don’t get me started on the government. 1 in 15 people in the US are incarcerated, I bet that number is half related to hard drugs and the rest is for murders/rapists/burglars and finally marijuana. That’s how skewed the numbers are, no mercy yes, but for what? The hard drugs that were created way back when the government was testing with chemicals (they basically were meth dealers) They made that bad decision. No one speaks up about it! Another way to charge taxes on innocent people who fall victim to the federal revenue system we have today. It’s a horrible way to live yeah, no one cares that alcohol is legal to drink but if you chug a bottle of vodka and you never drank before you could go into a coma…or worse die. So while no one cares of that, well becuase it controls the population. Don’t even get me started on population control. No one cares anymore about “how priceless life really is.” They shoot first ask questions later. No mercy. Look at North Korea right now. Dumbass is trying to start the world over. Yes it is not fair, but life is never fair so what is the right thing to do? Put on a helmet just sit back and enjoy the ride. Life is short make the most of it. It seems today the media on every technological device is just an attempt by the “controller” (owners of big business; ie the 1%) to brainwash yourself with types of advertising/ making you think you are going to snap on someone. Look at lately all the mass shootings of 20-30-40-50+ people. What do you think that means? People are mad at how this world is ran, it is not properly designed, every system has a flaw and nothing is perfect. People who drink and smoke cigarettes are doomed to bad things. But it is up to your own willpower to push through and prove to yourself and everyone around you that your so much better than them. This world was once a chaotic place way before church and state. Church was created to give a belief and set rules so people would work and then pay the churches taxes so they could do what they wanted, and stop killing eachother basically. Then evolution happened in a smaller scale, the English language rapidly accelerated and the knowledge people gained opened their eyes and looked at the stars and made people think why they were actually there. Life was a finally a blessing. And now people forget about how life is truly precious. This is a joke! I can’t be happy! just because someone said cannabis is illegal, when it’s legal in other states! Canada is possibly legalizing the whole country in July 2018! They said it would be their priority for 2018! It’s not fair! Life is not fair I heard it a million times! But you know what I know my rights and I know the constitution is more important than state laws, but the federal govt and the FDA can’t grow some balls and take it off the schedule ONE drug list why??? Why is even alcohol on the scheduled drug list! It’s not a “drug” if you drink too much it can kill you! I can drink too much water and die!! Alcohol does have health benefits if you drink one beer a day/week/month whatever; it’s your decision to portion properly. Another problem obesity and American portion sizes! McDonald’s BIG MAC’s and large fries cause cancer duh! Alcohol is good in portions because the micro-bacteria front the yeast and hops/grain, helps with digestion/and intestinal micro-bacteria! It also has been around since the beginning of centuries ago, but the drugs doctors can give you some type of pill that was just “created” in a chemical meth lab by the FDA just last year! (As an example) I’m done I’m done I’m done! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: this needs to stop! I’m done! I’m not a druggy! I don’t have problems! I’m perfectly healthy and the world is brainwashed! No wonder why I’m mad like this, I don’t have social media. I’m not caught up in lies lies lies lies lies lies!!! This site is the only place you see “safe” then you have doubts becuase of the way the world is ran! It’s not the devils grass either sorry! I like to just relax and enjoy what “god” gave me! I absolutely hate “anti-life” politicians! They could care less about mass genocide as long as they make their $$! I just want to relax!!! I have hypertension or something too I need cannabis to relax and no one cares! Every doctor in NY is against it! They try to get you to take pills! This is a slave state and nothing will ever change! Not worth even living…good job NY you did your end (people want to kill themselves because they can’t do what they want) Doctors give people pills so you can be a guinea pig to chemical tests they are doing! That’s what they are doing in your cigarettes! To see what will kill you the slowest!!! Go figure! I don’t smoke cigarettes and I know I’m right I have a clear mind set and I know what I want and I’m not going to let some sate laws say I can’t do it! It’s not a f@$!ing crime to use cannabis topical creams smoke/eat cannabis! People aren’t educated enough on the plant! I learned everything I know of cannabis becuase of this website. I know opium is a plant too but that plant is not harvested then smoked. It gets cut and it seeps out milky liquids that are scraped off and cured what is known as opium… Made from the government to created heroin and opioates! And the funny thing is! Opioates that are created by the govt now kills people! Go ahead stick a needle in your arm dumb***! Population control!!!

Coincidence?Then you think a minute :thinking: :thought_balloon: and realize that their “anti opioates drug enforcement” is funded by us Americans! And they are the ones supplying it! This is a joke!!! I want to live in peace and I can’t live in peace with anti-pot people! Thank you for this place I call Home. I’m sorry of my rant, I hope the message came across that we Americans need to stand up and fight for what’s right for all of us! We will not be victim to this corrupt system!

ILGM has provided me with the knowledge of products on every aspect to grow a secret plant anywhere in the planet. Safely, and without any more worries of being poisoned!

In conclusion, It’s not illegal to smoke a plant. But I can smoke tobacco laced with chemical by the government! The Reservations that make them are even enforced by the FDA to provide it a certain way!!! Haha this is dumb! Why am I even having this conversation! It’s pointless! I know what I believe is right. And it is right. People need to wake up and realize that cannabis and cannabinoid systems are in every single living mammal. There were just forests of this plant on this earth at one point. It brightened the future. It provides stimulation and creativity for the brain! Plus it helped species survive! Think about it before there was no where to shelter, Mammels knew to eat a shit ton of it! To survive the winter/heat stress/disease/famine!

Those Theory Threads need to come back out from the dead now, I’m all for it. Also I need to say that sometime soon the feds want to regulate everything we see on the internet and they can control what we see if it is owned under a major company. Another way to prevent for precious and priceless websites just like this one! Thank you again for this amazing place I call Home from Home @latewood and Robert Bergman! I have learned so much information that is priceless and has no price tag, it is truly for the love of growing marijuana! :pray::innocent: “GOD” bless you all! :wink::thinking::exploding_head::clap:#mindblown #whyarewehere #govtsecrets #topsecret #confidential

I totally skewed off the main point of the submission, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Cannabis has helped me with my medical conditions and ILGM has provided the products and services to maintain the quality of life for myself! Thank you again I cannot thank you enough! That goes for EVERYONE HERE :pray::relieved:


I started on this road 3 years ago. I grew up in the 60s and had plenty experience with drugs. Due to job type with lots of drug testing i was forced to quit all drugs esp cannabis due to length in system. Three years ago food started tasting like cardboard. My weight dropped to 78lbs. I was going to a doctor every two weeks having blood work ect done but kept losing weight. Where i live cannabis is Very illegal so i contacted an old friend who grew. What a difference! Yummy food again! I ran to my doctor to tell the good news but was hit with"im shocked, i cant treat you." He was right. But the expense was unmanagable! It was like a heroin habit. So i decided to grow, found this site while shopping for a setup. Without this site, id be lost. Id be growing Charlie Brown plants. The knowledge, the camaraderie here with the Awesome Plus of the greatest seeds ever. i will never be able to thank Robert, Garriagan, Latewood, Country Boy, and Bob31 enough. I learn something new everyday & theres always the new email of new strains to try. So far ive grown three but still have 7 new strains to go. Hubby and i will always use ILGM seeds. Many Thanks to you all! I now weigh 108lbs & trying to stop cigs With my own wonder drug and soon will be a Chunky Monkey!


Sign my ass up! @Willd has 10 STRAINS WE COULD TRY HAHAHA. I’ll help run the barbecue.


ILGM cured me of Facebook. The end! Hahaha!

Lovely job Laura! You make this site worth visiting.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the ILGM Staff and all the amazing forum members.

A little about @SilentHippie. I was a regular smoker in the 80s. In the 90s, career and family happened and my relationship with cannabis was severed for many years. About 8 years ago, my career path shifted and I rediscovered marijuana all over again. A lot had changed from the weed we smoked as kids to the potent strains of today. My whole life, I’d always wanted to try my hand at growing but had no idea where to start. Instead, I’d buy a little bit, occasionally, and smoke when I had the time. My lovely wife of 23 years was never really into smoking but never gave me any grief about my usage. I’m a 3rd shifter and insomnia is a constant issue in my life. Prescription sleep aids made me barely functional and I found cannabis a much better alternative. I’d make an effort to be discreet and she would turn a blind eye because she knew it helped me sleep. That all changed when my wife’s migraines started becoming more frequent and more intense. The medications she was prescribed either didn’t work or she didn’t like the way they made her feel.

Flash forward to July 2017. I suggested edibles as an alternative to her migraine medication and to my surprise, she said she’d be interested in trying them! I then asked her if she would be OK with growing our own medicine and she was good with that too!

I hit the internet at full speed and started reading, shopping, and learning about growing. This is where I met ILGM. I was searching for a reputable seed bank that accepted credit cards and found ILGM. I was impressed with their selection and their shipping guarantee. I looked at every seed, read every description, and labored over which seeds to buy. I settled on Northern Lights Feminised due to the Indica dominance and price. I got my seed order in and waited like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. In the meantime, I discovered the forum and the wonderful members here. I started asking questions, and was greeted with open arms and a wealth of knowledge. I started acquiring the items needed for an indoor grow while waiting for my seeds to arrive. Much to my dismay, days turned into weeks, and still no seeds. I checked the mail every day and was starting to lose faith in ILGM. So much so that I placed another order with a different seed bank in North America. The forum members kept reassuring me that Robert and the Staff would make good on their guarantee. After 25 days I contacted ILGM and told them my order never arrived. Becky in Customer Support emailed me back promptly and reshipped my order, no questions asked. She even gave me a discount for my next order for my inconvenience. About 10 days later, I had ILGM seeds in the mailbox.

10 minutes after receiving my seeds, I had 1 in water and a germinated seed 24 hours later. Since then, my new friends here in the forum have led me down the path to a successful grow. My plants are healthy and beautiful. My Northern Lights has been problem free from the beginning and has been very easy to grow. I still have a ways to go. I’m only a few weeks into flower but I have all the faith that Robert’s genetics and the guidance and encouragement from this great forum will see me through to the end. I tell new members to ask questions and follow directions because that’s all I’m doing. The experienced growers and the Staff at ILGM want to see everyone succeed and are more than willing to help.

I’m so impressed with ILGM that I went ahead and used my discount and bought the Platinum Mix Pack just last week. I’m patiently awaiting my second order while I look towards the end of my first grow. To the Staff at ILGM, thank you for all you do. To the members of this forum, thank you for all your help. I couldn’t be this far without you. And to you, @latewood, thanks for the great idea and the opportunity to share.


All the stories here are simply wonderful…
I wont attempt to compete to be best writer, so I am just going to day this :
I am pain and ibuprofen free for first time in 30 years.
I have completely abandoned Facebook
I can fall asleep
I am comfortable, easygoing and much calmer…

All that thanks to MJ plant, ILGM and all the good folks here…

Its a wonderful journey :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


That was excellent, man!


@Ragnar short, sweet, and to the point!


This is like choosing Bud of the Month…like, impossible.


If you had the money to get me to Texas, I’d be there yesterday. I have to save my coins for Chicago…91 year old dad ain’t gonna last forever. But that’s a sweet gesture on your part!


Come on, man, no comparison. Did you do your thing yet?


I know, isnt that a beautiful thing ?