The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


Same here @neckNflu. I’m super excited and patiently waiting. :v::seedling::sunglasses:
I’m sure @latewood is very busy and will get the codes out soon. I keep changing my mind on what to get… hahaha… Decisions… Decisions…


@latewood and ILGM staff, thank you for putting on the contest and for hosting such an awesome site! Whenever youre available you can PM me for order details!


I know what you mean smoke to stay sober. I too have severe anxiety and hate to be around people. Have to smoke constantly and like American express I can’t leave home without it. I too focus better cause of it. Only way I can explain it is Mjj allows my brain to slow down enough to process things better and allows me to have more vision as a outsider looking into life’s issues


When in college in the late 70’s/early ‘80’s, I rented a kitchen pantry in an off campus house that had 13 gents residing there. Fifty bucks a month for a 4x10’ room off the kitchen.

The house had all kinds but there was a core group that were very smart business majors. They liked to smoke at parties and stuff but were very serious about their studies (most planning to assume control of family businesses). They would gather around my pantry as I was wake n’ baking asking, “do you have an exam today?” “So, you’re getting baked to go take a final exam in tests and measurements/statistics?” Yup and Yup.

They would make it their semester to find out what I got for grades, Deans and Presidents list every year!! They could not understand that I would be so distracted without the weed that the class would be secondary.

Not saying it’s a good life model or that others should try my methods. I wish I could get giggly, silly, and wasted like I did in high school but really, weed is my cigarette so to speak.

My high school buddies that helped coined the “smoke to get straight” phrase still smoke daily multiple times a day, have all held the same jobs for decades and have led decent law abiding lives other than their daily dependence on the illegal marijuana.

Maine has been decriminalized for decades, I suspect many of my co-workers are buzzed too. My previous supplier for 20 years supplied numerous police officers and their wives in his town. One lived directly across the street from him.

It is what it is but boy oh boy, ILGM and all of you folks have really helped me move away from my dependence on “the score” and for that; I feel light years more comfortable in my own skin. Thanks @Sirsmokes and ILGM.


I guarentee if my job knew I was high every min of every day I’m in there they would shit. I operate machines foe a fortune 500 company making very important decisions about mixtures and troutlets shooting. I sit at a desk and have 6 computer screens I have to constantly monitor. High my job is a breeze but sober I can’t focus forget to look at specific readings for paperwork. The only one who knows is literally myself


I get that, completely @Sirsmokes

I once was telling some nurses about being kicked out of hs for a week for smoking pot. Of course I sold it off as the foolishness of my younger days. I had worked along side many of them for 8 years and they were literally floored that I had EVER smoked pot, let alone on my lunch break that shift.

I got a lot of mileage out of that old story when I realized people (I don’t look like a stoner in the traditional sense because my hair fell out and I just went with it) had no idea I was a burner.


I’m excited to see what each of you pick and will follow along with you’re grow if you want to tag me in once you start a journal. Thanks.


@LovBudz, although I will not be growing any of the seeds I pick from this win, I am starting a new grow (anyday now, short of being the soul caretaker for a houseful of flu). Once things settle down in my house.

You are welcome to follow along, apparently I make people laugh with my antics, so you are welcome to join my peanut gallery…I am very self-deprecating along with other people deprecating :crazy_face:

Fair warning: Bring your depends…


Watching it now. Thanks


I finally made my choice! Got them in my cart and ready to order. Just need the code from @latewood to complete my order.
Choosing was HARD!


What did you decide on?


California Dream and Chronic Widow @Laurap


Hello @latewood

I sincerely hate to be too forward however; I see the sale on my preferred strain is coming to a close and I was so hoping to take advantage of the 10+10 deal through use of my gift coupon. Thank you and I do hope this finds you doing well.



Im looking at Super Lemon Haze and Skywalker!


If you keep a journal id love to follow. Decided on banana kush & skywalker. Going with c widow after that


@Screwauger @70sChick
I hope you get that code you need before the sale ends. I’m sure @latewood will come thru for you
@Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 got everyone ready to drop seeds…


Yay! Got the magic code!! Off to shop :gift_heart: Thanks Latewood and ILGM!!


@Screwauger the fruity mixpack is a good deal and u get pineapplr in it!


Anyone having an issue with their code? Maybe im not entering it correctly?


I havn’t tried mine yet @VelcroThumb. Are you still having issues?