The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


I sampled the GL @Willd grew, potent stuff. I have five GL beans I bought when offered a discount at checkout (sucker for the suggestive sell) when I bought the BBA’s on sale 10+10


Good question @70sChick

I am actually going to use part of the gift to purchase some CBD oil. I have a seizure dog and this will help me keep him on track with his meds…

So that leaves me less for seeds, but I have narrowed it down to 2: Banana Kush and Blue Dream. I might go ahead and add some money in and get both lol. Greedy? Why yes I am…


@Screwauger grow with me. I have JH beans. lol. I purchased them for the creative and energized effects.


Awesome choices! I may have to do. Eney Meanie Minie Mo… :sunglasses::seedling::v:


How cool would that be @Covertgrower , a grow off! Not fair QB’s not allowed. hahahahaha

I have so many choices it’s gonna have to come down to some type of chart and prioritizing system.

I have dark devils and crystal meth abd gorilla glue and GL and on and on and on…woe is me right @BIGE with problems like these who needs um who needs er um dispensaries. yeah.


@Laurap. You sound like me… Which 6 are you looking at?


Anyone grown California Dream?


I have critical mass and plant protector trio in my cart. But I also have Blackberry Kush on my radar.


Skywalker, chronic widow, bananna kush, trainwreck, gs extreme & maui wowie ( just cause of memories)and or maybe s diesel. This is hard!


I want to grow Maui Wowie and Panama Red next time. Just need to figure out where to get some Panama Red seeds, Robert Bergman has me covered for the Maui. I long for just one amazing buzz where I cannot find the keys, the refrigerator, etc !! :green_heart: :seedling:


did you try AMS? sister seed company…


@Laurap @FreakyDeekie
Those all sound awesome!


elaborate if possible pls. @BIGE


Google is your friend!


Oh, and congrats to all you winners.
I am watching and listening while I struggle with the choices.
so many choices…


amsterdam marijuana seed company @Screwauger
sister seed co. i believe…lol


That Sour Diesel is my all time favorite so far. Very productive and moderately potent.


Havent grown yet but have purchased quite a bit. Yummy!


I have to agree. My second grow was supposed to be ILGM seeds but I couldn’t resist taking clones from my sour diesel bag seed plant. She was an absolute beast and by the time she began to flower I knew we’d want more of her. We have gotten a couple seeds but I didn’t want to count on it.


I know how you feel @GreenThunder . I have been taking clones myself because I liked one of the strains I have, plus it’s hard for me to get clones or seeds. I’m dying to get the code or personal message for my new seeds. I’m going to be buying from ilgm after my 12 days present arrives. My wish list is outrageous and I have to try some from this company. Love the website I can only imagine how much I will love these seeds.