The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


Thanks to ILGM and Robert Bergman. Thanks very much @latewood for running the show and all that you do for and are to, this community! Happy New Year!

Great Testimonials, Essays, Songs and Stories…Pineapple Haze I am coming for you!

PM for details works, thanks very much.


OMG! I am blown away by your, Robert’s, and everyone at ilgm for their generosity. Thank you so much. It’s unbelievable! I know this act of generosity will go a long way in my life just as I’m sure it will for everyone else. I said it once and I’ll say it again it’s the best website on the entire web. Everyone at ilgm and at The Forum does a wonderful job. Thanks again for your time, effort, empathy and hard work.


It’s fine if you would like to personal message me. Thank you. I hope I understood the post correctly :slight_smile: thank you for your time


PM works for me whenever. No hurry.

Congratulations to everyone who entered!


@latewood thank you very much! Thank you Robert and ILGM staff. Really is nice to be part of something so wonderful. PM for details please and thank you.


I was just telling my girlfriend about the contest, the extreme generosity of Robert and of course, that my essay won a prize. She was so skeptical given the nature of the prizes she said, “so, how can they just give away $800+?” I explained the commercial aspects (she was only familiar with the forum side) and she wanted to express her thanks to the site as well. Thanks from Mrs. Screwauger!!


@latewood Thank you so much for this awesome prize! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!
Super Excited! Thank you I :heart:GM ,Robert, Latewood and everyone else involved. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enuff! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :v::sunglasses::seedling: As the others have said. PM details at you’re convenience. Doing my Happy Dance


called gaining patronage lol
treat the consumer good they will buy tens of thousands more…


Yall are awesome! Thank you @latewood for caring enough to put this this together. This community is soooo cool. Not only can i learn to grow the Best cannabis, im able to express true feelings here. That not common & i thank you!!!


Congratulations to all members who have posted and won
Thanks fir taking the time to participate
Ans thanks to @latewood and Robert for making all this possible
Hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year as well
:v:️ CB


Congratulations to all winners!


Just gotta say one more time Thanks admin Santa!!!


I’m curious… Which seeds did ya’ll pick… I’ve got mine narrowed down… It’s Tough to choose :sunglasses::seedling::laughing:


Congrats everyone and thank you to those who organized and funded as well as those who contributed. They were all very interesting to read and I could relate to each on some level. They all seemed to contain a common thread… the amazing support and friendship found here. I’m glad to be part of this fantastic group. :v:


I’m a toss up today. Have Jack Herer and Pineapple Haze in my cart. Just waiting on the coupon code @70sChick


Well ive got it down to six. Not an easy task. Wish i could order all the seeds i wanted but…another lesson in patience.


For what it’s worth I’ve tried Jack herrer from a dispensary by where I live and it was really good. I imagine you can’t go wrong with anything you pick from ilgm.
I know how you feel I keep checking my email several times a day hoping for that personal message to come. Haha it’s like I’m waiting for my Christmas morning!:smile: such a cool website and forum! I love it. Have a good day.


Back about a year, I got several grams of shatter made from jack herer buds from a local dispensary.
All I can say is WOW.
I like non-couchlock meds. That JH was like amphetamines. I literally layed in bed vibrating until I built up a bit of tolerance.
Not necessarily looking for that effect howver, I recall it to be tasty and potent stuff. @neckNflu


I’ve been enjoying the Jack Herer I grew but it’s definitely a daytime smoke and not as potent as the Gold Leaf which is DEFINITELY evening meds haha!

Good yield, buds looser than GL or Sour Diesel and a nice spicy aroma.


i shared some fresh super silver haze with an old high school pal awhile back.
he had to lay in the floor and try calming his body down…lol
it has cured alot since and is not so racey …lol