The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


Sorry to hear. Good luck and best wishes.


My condolences @latewood


@latewood I am sorry for your loss.

I don’t have many friends and I’m praying that I die first!


So sorry to hear of your loss Latewood, blessings.


Sorry to hear this sad news @latewood
Try to find comfort in the good memories you two shared.


My Condolences @latewood


I’m so sorry for your loss @latewood. Take care :pray:


Thanks all of you for the kind sentiments. I promise to post the prizes by New Years day. Good news is; I got the extra awards to boost the winners from 12 to 14.

Funny thing. I asked all the staff to help choose 2-3 that would not receive a prize, and every staff member gave me different names…that didn;t work. So I got some seeds to give away. I would post now but, I have to go back through all my notes in order to list the order of finish. Thanks again for being patient.


thank you for your effort @latewood everyone appreciates what you do for the community here!
awesome give away!


No worries. Thanks for putting this together @latewood


My condolences sir
Thank you so much for making 15 days of Christmas!!!


OK. The day you all have been awaiting has arrived. I had to find my notes. I reall want to thank you all for your participation.


The top 8 winners here are all entitled to a $99.00 gift card to our shop. You can buy a little less than 99 bucks and pay nothing or you can use the code at checkout to get a $99.00 discount. So go shop, and I will be sending codes to each of you. The code is good for one transaction, so if there is a small amount left over; It is gone. Sorry :slight_smile: Anyone that needs help in expediting your transaction; Post in this topic, and I will PM you to make the order happen.

  1. rodri
  2. velcro
  3. silent
  4. family
  5. screw
  6. 70SChick
  7. AnneBonny
  8. LauraP

The rest of you listed here have won 1 free 5 pack of Robert’s personal strain "Gold Leaf" I procured a couple extra codes in order to give 2 extra prizes for merit. Same as above. I can send you each a code or PM you and get your details and expedite the order. Let me know. :smiley:

  1. myfriendis410
  2. Bogleg___God
  3. Cyberblast
  4. neckNflu
  5. Smokin Ernie
  6. Ron330
    Artistic Prize: ILGM Xmas song Tdubwilly

From Robert, myself and all the staff that help out to make this the best forum on the W3. Thank You and Happy New Year.
Happy New Year latewood _ AdminiSanta :santa:


Awesome and there was some amazing reading and insight in all of the stories!! :heart: :heart:


Wow! Thank you, Robert, and the great staff at ILGM for your generosity!


Woo Hoo! Thank you so much Robert and @latewood a/k/a AdminiSanta. You guys are the best. It was a fun and enlightening contest to see how much this plant and forum have helped people. Thank you again. ~ AB


Sorry…I just noticed I left some nick names in the list.

screw is Screwauger
silent is silent hippie
fmaily is ? familyman.

Whoevers name I messed up, just correct me. Don’t worry; We know who enetered…LOL


Hah! Seriously I NEVER win anything. Thanks for the gift Latewood and ILGM :green_heart: Congrats to all the winners…


Thank you ILGM! You can feel free to PM me the details @latewood.


congratulations to all for putting their story out there!
thanks ilgm for caring about your customers!
and @latewood thanks for organizing everything and creating order among our pack!
happy new years!
oh,i cannot forget the moderators and volunteers here for keeping order and putting up with those who struggle…
altogether we strive to reach common goals…such a great place to be in these times of change…yesterday CA totally legalizes this spring AR gets their MMJ going.
winds of change are blowing hard this winter!


thanks to Robert and Latewood for the contest, it was some good reading…

and an extra big thank you to whoever added those extra 2 spots :+1: