The 12 days of Christmas testimonial and essay contest


High! All of you awesome ILGM members.

For the 12 days of Xmas, Robert has OK’d the idea of asking members to right testimonials about our products, and why the products helped them We are also asking for essays explaining how a product or products might be beneficial to you and help with your physical afflictions.

I hope we get good participation because Robert has allowed me to offer 12 gifts to the best testimonial essays submitted.

Let’s start writing. I cannot wait to read your stories.

Prizes will be awarded everyday from the 12th through the 24th of December.

Thanks to all you members who make ILGM your favorite and most friendly Cannabis Community. I love you all! Peace,


p.s. If you have a question feel free to ask.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued
Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

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Good stuff here!


Do we post our essays in this thread or email them to ILGM directly?


Were do we write and post this?


And this is why we all :heartpulse: growing marijuana…and this site best of all! Thanks Robert and @latewood


Is there a word count max on this essay? Cuz, ya know, I can lay down a 1000 word essay on this subject without much effort…


Lol, thats right, light medication, maybe little gold leaf tincture to a tea and then the muse comes…
Start writing folks, I cant wait to read all this stories…
Awesome idea @latewood


We never send emails or involve or contact the office with contests run my me on the forum. What happens on the forum, stays on the forum :wink:

I guess I did not make it clear. Post your testimonials and essays here for consideration. I thought it was implied. Good Luck to all and Happy Holidays. :slight_smile:


I would only say that each submission should be at least 500-1000 words but, no limits. How can I limit a person’s story? Let’s try and not get carried away though, LOL


Thanks for the clarification. If anyone’s familiar with my posts, 500 to 1000 words is no problem for me! Lol :nerd_face:


Chapter 1
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… lol


This can only be about products sold by ILGM, right?


Chapter one:
I had mrs Barton for first grade…


@latewood Here is my submission

I wanted to start off by saying that not only am I a first time grower (of anything), but I am one of the fortunate few on this forum and in this community who gets to do this recreationally (although, not legally). I suffer from no chronic pain, I am not going through chemo, and I have no illnesses or anything like that that require the medicine we all grow; I simply get to do this for fun and personal use.

I hope I am approaching this in a unique and out-of-the-box way since many growers may overthink this and end up trying to decide on a specific seed, nutrient, or oil that is offered on this site. Obviously there is no right or wrong way to approach this, but my experience limits me to products I can attest to. Since this is my first grow, the only product that I can actually put my official Seal of Approval on, is the actual website/forum/shop. As of today, Nov 28, 2017, I am about halfway through my first grow attempt. Before I started, I scoured the internet looking for discreet ways to grow when I came across your website. For a few weeks I lurked in the shadows, reading and digesting every bit of information I could get my hands on! I started asking questions and quickly realized all the things that make this site great! There are the members, the ease of access and layout, and two benefits, I will discuss further down, I never imagined!
Within moments or joining and creating my first post, I was greeted and welcomed by forum members who were eager to share their knowledge and insight! Their words of wisdom, support and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to make the leap and purchase my first grow package, with, of course, 2 Mixpacks of ILGM genetics (Fruity Mixpack and Patriot Mixpack). During the next few months I would post pictures to show the progress of my 6 girls, and so many people commented on and liked them. From that, I was also able to discover problems I didn’t know I had. Some of the more experienced growers were able to spot deficiencies or improper technique, even when I thought everything was 100%! They definitely saved my grow more times than I would probably like to admit! The other thing I noticed about this community, was the actual “sense of community.” Everyone here, and I mean everyone, wants everyone to succeed! I have read thousands of posts, and never do I see arguing or name-calling or anything other than sheer support and concern for each other’s crop! In some instances it goes even further and some members have formed actual friendships and are genuinely concerned when they hear of another members misfortune in their grow or personal life. I have never been a member of any other type of forum or any other forum for that matter, but I have definitely read through similar grow forums and I can say, the mods let people talk to each other like trash on some of these forums. Some members are ridiculed and taunted by experienced growers, who at one point, were in the Newbie shoes too! Not at ILGM! Even if someone has mistaken a response for something aggressive, no one ever jumps to conclusions and everyone is always apologetic if they seemed to have come across that way. Having a community like this makes growing much easier and fun! I love the way ideas and thoughts are shared here; I love that we all give props by tagging other growers over to solve problems we read from other posts! If the whole world acted like our community, the world would be a better place to live in! Not to mention, lots of awesome medicines from ILGM genetics!
The next best thing about the website and forum, is the layout and ease of access. Rules and guidelines are clearly stated in conspicuous places and if someone forgets, it is very easy to point them in the direction of the information. When shopping for seeds, your layout is the best I have run across so far. I tried to find other shops to find different strains, but tacky fonts and sloppily programmed pages made it unbearable. Some of them even looked like old Myspace pages which made them seem way more sketchy and less than ideal to conduct business with. Your seed selection has expanded and your filtering options make it very easy to find what you need. Once you find what you need, descriptions are clear and concise and very easy to read. The payment process is super simple and I like the extra safeguards that others may find troublesome to ensure everything goes smooth! And who can beat your guarantees? No one! It is amazing to offer a germination and shipping guarantee! I will never order seeds online, unless they are ILGM!
Last, but not least. Earlier I mentioned there were two added benefits to this wonderful product that ILGM offers. Ever since I started this grow, I was able to reconnect with friends of mine from my past, and come to find out, they are growers and processors as well! During my grow, they have all helped in some way or another. But, the most interesting aspect of this is; I have also been able to share the knowledge I have learned here with them! I actually got to teach growers, who have been growing for a decade, some new tips and tricks! Some of these things seem so simple and second nature to us, like breathing, that we take it for granted. Two of my grower friends, didn’t even know about the ph-ing water and had never done it. They also never let the chlorine denature from city tap water. I even gave one of my grower friends 1 of each of my seeds so we could grow and compare. You wouldn’t believe the differences in our plants! He came over to inspect mine and I am thinking he is about to give me some pointers, when all a sudden the grower of 11 years looks me dead in the face and says “How can I get mine to look like yours?!” If that is not a testament to this site and the genetics, I don’t know what is. Which, brings me to my last point, and the best added benefit of this product; I have found a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy doing. I love waking up early with a nice cup of coffee and a nice rip and relaxing in my garden before I start my work day. It gives me a sense of calm, focus, and purpose. I am always eager to see the progress that the plants have made daily.


@latewood My submission.

First off, I am a newbie grower here. Have been a member now about 4 months. I consider this forum to be the best social forum on the net, as well as the best MJ discussion forum anywhere. I do not believe there is one better. I am a disabled Army Vet and suffer from a multitude of problems, of which one of the worst is severe pain from Fibromialgia and arthritis along with nerve pain as a result of gunshot wounds to my leg. I have more scars then muscles I think sometimes on all parts of my body. I decided to grow MJ because the VA started messing with my pain meds and because I wanted to get out from under their control as much as possible.

I started growing my plants a little over 4 months ago after I bought the seeds from ILGM. I purchased 15 seeds and started 4 in a cup with half/half water/H202 After about 12 hours I placed them in a paper towel well moistioned with the same mixture. All 4 popped a tail within 24 hours of being placed in the towel. One was a Gold Leaf, another was a White Widow and the last 2 were OG KUSH. I still have the rest of the seeds.

Put the seedlings in 4 small pots and grew them from there. Put the OGK’s in one pot. Mistake…one took over and basically killed the other one. Oh well, live and learn. But with the help of the wonderful folks here in this forum, both members and staff, I have maintained a good grow and should be harvesting my plants in about 2 to 3 weeks from now. The plants are wondrfull and the genetics of them cant be any better. ILGM has provided and does provide the best seeds and support of any seed company on the net.

In fact before I have harvested my first grow I have started another one. But the second I started with some bag seeds that were given to me. Had to do something with them. Put 5 of them in water and the paper towel route and popped tails on 4. I have 3 plants left of them now because one turned out to be male so I cut it down. I have the 3 left growing in the 4th week of flower and they are taking over the doggone tent. Thanks to the nutes and the advice I have recieved. Did even better on this grow. The dang plants would be as high as the tent if I had let em grow on their own.

So, if you are wanting to grow your own then ILGM is the place to turn to. Both to buy your seeds for the best seeds on the market and for the support and advice you will receive from ILGM and staff and the wonderful folks that are members of the forum.

I dont hang around any other social forums on the net. Why? Because this forum meets all my needs. For help and advice, for making friends and for just talking to those friends and making new ones all the time. Good luck on your grow and take care.


Bravo :clap:t2: :clap:t2::heart:️:+1::+1:


Nicely said my friend and as cliche as it sounds “Thank you for your service” :heart:️:hugs:


My testimonial:

I started this journey on the advice of my physician, who suggested cannabis as a sleep aid. At nearly 60 years old I am suffering from degenerative disc disease, depression and insomnia. MJ was attractive to me as a replacement for the handful of drugs I was taking daily.

My growing started with donated seeds and a black thumb! Early on I came across this forum and with the help of all of the wonderful folks here, my first and subsequent grows have been successful. I’ve been growing for a little over 1 year now and things really took off when I grew my first plants from ILGM! Sour Diesel and Gold Leaf grown in soil yielded over 1/2 pound per plant, with the product being the finest smoke I’ve ever experienced! Smooth and potent: I’m sleeping 7 hours a night now and instead of Vicodin I medicate with cannabis. As a result; I’ve not had any opiates in 11 months.

Finally, I have found a new hobby with a fantastic community to help with the hard stuff! I have since expanded my growing skills and my stock of great ILGM strains now sitting in jars and waiting to be given to friends and family.

Thank you Robert Bergman!


Well said @Myfriendis410 :clap:t2: Another example of what MJ can & does do for so many that have been over medicated with opioids.