THC levels, highest levels?


What strain has the highest levels of THC? TIA


On this site that would be Crystal I believe. its in the medical strains


I think the crystal and the chronic widow are the highest THC content. Gold leaf is up there too I believe. (For the seeds you can purchase from ILGM that is)


@Wishbone… I heard a strain called Bruce banner is high level… Like 28% or so… Not on this site though


Ilgm has trainwreck with a high level of thc at 25% …65% sativa dominant


Your knowledge dictates all aspects of grow. From trichs. Height. Weight. Color everything. I can get 36 ounces outside of ok good grass. Or i get 1 gram a watt indoors. Up to 4 grams a watt indoors.of what people around my area call the best. I stopped posting due to some set back with test. But i have spent time with master growers in 3 counties. And wow. I saw a 7000 gram indoor 1 plant wet weight end up with 1200 grams cured in soil in 7 months. (Its what you know not what you grow. ) quote by soilgrowth


I had a strain test out at 27.6% this year. This is the highest tested in New Mexico by Rio Grand Analytics.


Nova supposed to be up in the 30% range. Supposed to be the strongest strain


Which strain was that?


@Myfriendis410 it was SkyWalker.


@Bshmstr to be honest, I have seen none higher than 28%.


TrainWreck is a sure winner. It was my biggest yielder by far. The THC was only 20% but the Terpenes were almost 3%.


@Fepony Manali West’s Nova OG. Featuring 35.6 percent THC, this strain is an extremely potent, top-shelf, designer bud. This strain is a hybrid of Top Dawg Seeds’ Stardawg Guava and an OG/Diesel cross. Back in 2012, Stardawg Guava won best sativa at the Denver Cannabis Cup.


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I have read about Jack Herrer and Bruce Banner tying for the title - as far as consistency. I mean, you can nurse a bag-seed to a higher THC, so I am sure that big-money growers can tend a certain plant or crop to win a cannabis cup. I would be more impressed with the strain that produces with regularity, and without “nurturing”.


It’s on the menu



Hi just curious was it coco soil mix and was the bucket a ten gallon with mesh bag I am sure base must of looked thick