THC booster from ILGM with Dyna-gro bloom?

hey guys i just received my thc booster from ilgm, and was wondering if it’s possible to use dyna-gro bloom and the THC booster at the same time, has anyone already tried this ?

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That seems to be a good question. Chemical nutes vs non. My first try I bought Dyna gro and bloom. Maybe two weeks into flower I switched to Roots Organics and the plants had no negative effects. If you have multiple plants you could try feeding only one with it for a comparison .

ok, will keep the post then and updtae it when i’ll put the mix in one of the plant ^^
c u around dude

Cool, I’ll be here. :slight_smile:

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Made a 1L bottle with dyna gro protek/mag pro and bloom + thc booster from ilgm, ph is around 6.2 cuz im using a tester with drop, those electronic ph tester are too dam expensive lol
Anyway gonna wait 1 day or 2 before i feed one of the plant.
Will keep you posted :wink:

gave the mixture today for her diner, will see how it goes tomorrow morning

as of now, she seems to be doing fine, no nut burn or bad reaction yet @rjw71

That’s good. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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