THC Bomb Ebb & Flo Gro

Decided to do my 1st grow journal here on this grow since this is going to be my 1st grow defoiliating. Only did minor defoilating during veg mainly thinning out big leaves that just couldnt be tucked Started veg 3-12-20. Just 1 plant in a 4x4 tent. Will post pics from start of veg up until today.

Strain;THC Bomb

Soil in pots; Lava rock/tubs

System type? Ebb & Flo

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.8ph

What is strength of nutrient mix? AN Jungle Juice 900ppms as of today

Indoor or Outdoor; indoor

Light system, size; HLG 550v2

Temps; Day/Night Day 78 degrees/ night 70degrees

Humidity; Day/Night 50 day/ 50 night

Ventilation system; cloudline T6 out and vivosun 4 inch in

AC, Humidifier, Dehumidifier: quest 110 dehu and aircare humidifier


1st day of veg.

Day 19 of veg

Day 24 of veg

Day 33 of veg

Day 36 of veg. 1st day of 12/12 light

Day 7 under 12/12

Day 9 and showing bud sights. She is only 20 inches tall from media and 36 inches wide

I will add more pics as the grow goes.


Be cautious of defoliating: the leaves produce the sugars needed to make flower. I don’t remove anything until I’m about 3 weeks into flower then remove all the fan leaves. From there I’m very selective and don’t do any leaf removal until the final flush for harvest. Even then if RH is low for drying I might leave them on to act as an additional moisture reservoir when drying.


Thnx for the info @Myfriendis410. I will remember that. So you remove all fan leaves around week 3??

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Nice! Watching.


@ggc1962 looks like experience to me, 1 plant in a 4x4 is breaking rules, I’ll be watching! Thanks for sharing!


I think that that should be the rulz :tumbler_glass:


Don’t take em all at once. Over a week or two I will start to remove the most obnoxious ones lol. Until they are gone.


Yeah, I walk away with at least a nice hand full of leaves every few days, during weeks 2 and 3 of flowering.


Very nice job. This will be very fun to watch. Thanks for starting this journal.

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ok, got it @Myfriendis410, @Hellraiser. Thnx. always learnin

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Set to watch :wink:

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@ggc1962 I’m also growing THC Bomb. But mine is in soil and will be an outdoor grow. I’m currently at week 4 under grow light for 18 hours per day. Moving outdoors in May.

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I’ll be watching I’m very curious about this ebb and flow system. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Keen to watch this also, good luck.

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Set to watch. I was thinking you already had one. Either way I’m set to watch both. :+1:

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@Budlite Ihave 3 clones of it that I am doing outdoors. waitin to see how I screw it up since never grown outdoors. lol

@Happilyretired . I dig Ebb&Flo. done it many years and have the system dialed in for how I grow. I just wish I could see more that grow with lava rock. IMO, its more stable

First question is how long have you been doing this?
If it would be all right with you I would like to tag you over to my grow room build where you can see where I started to where I am now .I have a Lotta questions I have nobody else to ask about the ebb flow system .I have three 2 x 4 flood trays. I bought them to contain my mess in my grow room didn’t work out so well so now they’re just sitting outside so I’d like to figure out a system that I could use one of those trays to grow in without using soil. You help me figure it out and I’ll use lava rock as a media. Why not I have zero experience With this type growing. You are rocking the stuff and I like to learn.

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I can grow indoors or outdoors. The good thing about outdoors is zero electrical costs. The “bad” thing is that I harvested 2.5 kilos last summer, so why burn electricity to make more.

This summer I have 3 mother plants started: THC Bomb, Romulan, and Lemongrass. I plan to take maybe 3 cuttings off each plant for clones, so I’ll be managing 12 plants outdoors. I’m in Northern California with good sun and mild weather.

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What I meant to say in my earlier post was that breaking the rulz should be the rulz. Oh, and I’m gonna tag along as well, that is if you don’t mind. I’ve been tuned to watching since the beginning :v: