That'll learn ya dern ya!


@bonnie1 here is the next grow…i’ll catch you later…


@BIGE… sorry to hear about your bugs… I battled the heat in the room where I have 2 tents going on 95 degree days. When I can I’m going to buy a water coolant system, runs about 100 bucks… my autos really thrive in the light toward harvest, I know you do 12/12, everyone has their own technique…maybe I’ll see amber trichs, idk but I’ll be cutting this amnesia haze soon, she’s smaller than the others & as fat as she’s gonna get…I’ll take pics when I can, I really need the room for bigger girls…love the haze, smells fantastic! :two_hearts::grimacing::seedling:


here is what is left,i’m ready to move on…
we live and learn,i’ll survive to fight another day!


@Screwauger @Blasting i picked this up as well as some hydroton for my autopots.23$


Where dI’d you get the coco uncompressed? Espically that brand, all I can find is the compressed bricks


Meeeee Toooooooo. Have not seen it like that and I usually end up with a big ole screwdriver and a hammer to break the brick up @Sirsmokes @BIGE


Dito then the pia of fluffing it up


local hydro store just got a pallet of this in this week…hydrofarm dealer


i looked at the bricks,and thought…dam those look like a bitch to bust up…lol
even bales of semi compressed sunshine #4 is not easy to bust up…
kidding the owner about it and he informed me of this coming this week…so i waited,and may get another bag for GP…


I sure would. It’s not that big of a deal to bust it up just time and a mess, but if they are commING in fluffed state now I’m sure it won’t be long before it becomes available in my region


Ohio just went medical so there should be some decent grow shops opening up soon


i feel like a coco feind…lol i’m going to wash/reuse hydroton i had on tops of old pots…


Looking great @BIGE


What did you pay for your autopots they are expensive but what @Screwauger has done with them is amazing


I fired up the light mover last night pics in my 5-1 thread


Should do it! I used canna coco,botanicare should do!


i’m not getting very much out of them…half oz smokeable bud each the rest i’m going to either put in caps or infuse in coco oil…i may need some help when i get to that point @Hogmaster


I agree @Hogmaster as a “watering system” I struggled with the expense initially. For me though, not being talented enough to go DWC or hydro, the draw to the autopots was the hands off feature. After three grows, that is indeed the best feature though, large yields isn’t to shabby of an outcome either.

I am eager to get my plants along in time to see if the promix alleviates the cal mag deficiencies.


Yeah and soil I can grow and water I have no talent haven’t tried it though either I’d really like to get in to aqua Pontic’s but then you got fish to contend with and keep them alive as well


I’ll be at work for the next 10 hours if anybody’s around this evening I will be as well you guys take care any questions just tag me and let me know you guys have a great day